American Consequences - August 2017

A Conversation With... Glenn Beck television and radio host, author,

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The question is: How long do we go through this rigmarole with our

We're on the brink of another credit bubble... and another wave of bankruptcies across America. Take tractor company Deere & Co. It has been very aggressive in lending money to farmers. That helps it sell a bunch of tractors, but suddenly you've got a lot more soybeans and corn... Commodity prices crash to record-low levels, so farmers need to farm even more to pay for their tractors. Eventually there must be a reckoning... farmers can't repay their loans or pay for new tractors if they're not making any profits. Sadly, we're probably only 12-36 months away from another big, big problem in the Farm Belt in terms of bankruptcy and people losing their farms.

policymakers? When will folks realize that zero-percent interest rates don't solve any of the world's core problems? The stock market isn't so different... The government has done a great job of making credit super cheap and letting rich folks borrow tons of money, buy companies, and force up stock prices and real-estate prices. But they haven't put people to work at higher wages. They haven't made the average person's life any better. Radio host and media mogul Glenn Beck recently joined Investor Hour hosts Buck Sexton and Porter Stansberry to talk about some of these themes...

92 | August 2017

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