American Consequences - August 2017

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that said, “People do not rise to their level of expectation. They rise to the level of their preparedness.” At least when Barack Obama in office, half of the country was mentally prepared and in some regard physically prepared for tough times... They were talking about food storage. They were talking about being good neighbors. That’s all over.

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hand-colored because they didn’t have Xerox machines, hand-typed and bound. They were given to the members of the cabinet to decide on the second push of the New Deal in 1936. And the embossed cover says, “Relief, radicalism, or revolution?” And it makes the case for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Here’s what’s really going on in society, here’s what we think people are feeling, and here’s how bad it really is. And

And we are not going to rise to the greatest American generation unless there is some leadership out there that says none of us want to live this way, none of us want to see a revolution in this country. It doesn’t end well. We need to take care of our neighbors... The way we can start doing that is to start listening on the local level, and us in the national level start talking to our listeners in a different way and listening to them. And like you pointed out, what is it that these emotional attachments are, we must start validating them and showing them that there is somebody out there listening and they can make a difference if we stick together. If they don’t believe that and the election comes down, it’s “relief, radicalism, or revolution” in 2018, 2020, 2024.

there are radicals and there are revolutionaries. And if we don’t give them some sort of relief, we’re going to lose the country.” It’s a little like the fools that started the Egyptian revolution or the Arab Spring... If you remember right, I was mocked relentlessly for saying a caliphate was coming. But you cannot put revolution back in the bottle. And we have stoked the fires on our university campuses... We have stoked the fire on both sides on television and in talk radio. And unless we change our approach and start to band back together, we will not be our highest ideal of Americans. There was a great quote I read the other day

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