Sample Governance Guide

2018 Draft WCC Organizational and Governance Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS


1.1 YCCD Board of Trustees Goals 1.2 WCC Mission Statement


2.1 WCC Organizational Chart 2.2 WCC Administrative Functional Map

GOVERNANCE 3.1 YCCD Board Policy 2510: Participation in Local Decision-Making 3.2 YCCD Multi-College District Participatory Decision-Making Structure 3.3 College Organizational and Committee Structure within a Multi-College District

3.4 WCC Organizational and Governance Model 3.5 WCC Committee Operating Agreements Academic Senate Academic Standards Committee Curriculum Committee Distance Education Committee Flex Committee Library Advisory Committee College Council Accreditation Steering Committee Bond Steering Task Force Diversity Committee

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee Scheduling Criteria Taskforce Student Learning Outcomes Taskforce

Faculty, Staff, and Administrative Planning Taskforce Program Review Validation Taskforce Perkins Task Force

Safety Committee Student Services Council Student Success Committee

PLANNING YCCD Annual Integrated Planning Process Framework YCCD Planning Process WCC Integrated Planning Model WCC Planning Principles WCC Planning Process WCC 3-Year Planning Cycle WCC Institutional Student Learning Outcomes WCC Program Review Cycle RESOURCES

District Handbook 2014-2015 WCC Educational Master Plan WCC Budget Accounting and Budget Terms

Mission and Function of California Community Colleges Glossary of commonly used terms and acronyms

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