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issue no 56 | march 2013


2. How do you think the CSR strategy can be aligned for positive change within the organization? CSR strategy ideally should come from the realization that “business cannot succeed in a society that fails”. By bringing in a value based and ethical approach, it promotes positive change within the organization. It adds to the organization’s goodwill and reputation. 3. Does CSR help in building the culture of an organization? How? Yes, if practiced in the right spirit, it does. An example probably can clarify. Our workers union in Thermax decided to visit one of the schools that we manage along with the Pune Municipal Corporation and Akanksha Foundation. After their visit, they raised a contribution and donated INR 0.05 million to set up a school library. Such initiatives re!ect the culture that our people have imbibed over the years. 4. Do you think CSR initiatives can help in retaining talent? Research shows that socially conscious organizations attract talent. People like to work in organizations that are socially responsible as they provide avenues that help employees to ful"ll their own innate wish to do some good.

5. What would be your suggestions on ways to involve young employees in CSR? I think employees who would like to ‘give back’ to the society should be recognized and encouraged. This ‘giving back’ could be in terms of time or money. An example is our foundation’s partnership with NGOs such as Akanksha and Teach For India (TFI) that work to improve the quality of education for children from poorer sections. We o#er employees the opportunity to apply for the TFI fellowships and on qualifying, they spend two years full time as a teacher in some of the most challenging schools. Some of our employees also commit their time to mentor children at the learning centres of Akanksha. We also have a pay roll giving programme through Give India, where employees with time constraints due to travel schedules can contribute monetarily for the cause of their choice. Additionally, our employees can volunteer in various other event based activities. 6. What role could CSR play in individual development of employees? Involvement with causes or issues outside their immediate work related areas makes employees of an organization better human beings and citizens. Volunteering for some form of social work makes them more committed, disciplined and ultimately more responsible. Such qualities are bound to re!ect positively within organizations too – helping them to create a more humane and caring work place. Our employees who go through the two year TFI fellowship or those who volunteer for our school projects will bring with them rich experience and eventually be better leaders. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the person interviewed. !




Savitri Somvanshi has done her MBA in Marketing and Personnel from PUMBA. She is currently a professional consultant in Forex. She was a senior executive with Bank of Maharashtra prior to freelancing as a consultant.She has over

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept through which organizations consider the interests of society in all aspects of their operations. They take responsibility for the impact their activities have not only on their stakeholders but also the community and the environment. There are several approaches to CSR and usually organizations will choose one which is best aligned with their values. CSR today is no longer a choice but rather an integral part of the organization’s identity. It is used for transformation of culture by integrating CSR

30 years of experience in banking,especially Forex and HR. She has been one of the first women to reach executive level in Bank of Maharashtra.She campaigned extensively for gender equality at the top management level of the bank. She is passionate about social causes and actively advocates their usefulness in organizations. She has contributed widely to professional journals on topics within HR and Banking.

concepts with decision making and OD initiatives. Generally, the harder you try to make some- thing happen, the higher is the possibility of it happening. This is very much true in case of an organization’s commitment to a cause. CSR is an excellent example of a cause, which when committed to, can enable the success of OD strategies. When employees help out in the community, the organization gets visibility and the employees feel that they are making a positive change in society, which boosts morale. But to get the maximum bene"t from this potential within CSR, the desired outcome of the activities

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