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issue no 56 | march 2013

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and measures of their success need to line up well with the overall strategy of the organization. Also, the personal goals desired by the employees should be tied in with CSR activities. The link between the organizational strategy and what employees would like to do for their corporate social responsibility projects will create maximum value for the organization. As per Aspen Institute’s teachings, “Harness the innate potential, core beliefs, and spirit of giving for your organization and surrounding community or stakeholders to !nd strategic advantages that are yours to be realized.” Thus, we can conclude that the di"erence between ordinary CSR and strategic CSR is the method and approach behind it.



Sumit Kukreja is the Head of Operations and facilitator at Atyaasaa Foundation, with specialization in finance. He comes with a strategic corporate experience in the field of treasury management, investment management, foreign exchange management,

financial corporate restructuring, process improvement and automation at one of the big 4 consulting firms. He is passionate about training and mentoring small and medium enterprises to help them grow. He also has a strong desire to contribute to the lives of the youth and inspire them to take up future leadership roles in organizations. According to him, the future of the nation lies in two things,power of youth and small and medium enterprises acting as an engine of growth. planning and analysis,

For a very long time organizations have equated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to charity. This has resulted in it being treated as a supplementary activity, restricted to individual initiatives. Thus a small section or group of people within the organization engage in activities perceived as charitable in nature and consider it CSR. It is looked at more from a “good to do” perspective at an individual level, than a “need to do” one at the organizational level. In a large country like India, where government initiatives for helping the socially and economically deprived very often miss the mark, the adhoc nature of initiatives at the corporate level also somewhere fall short of becoming a ‘cause’. This leaves the employees feeling unful!lled and reinforces a feeling of ‘failure to make a di"erence’.

“Business outcomes accomplished through a cause create a self-actualized organization” BEAN STATEMENT In the current scenario of corporate competition, organizations are preoccupied with registering a healthy !nancial performance and rightly so. They are worried about securing higher returns for their stakeholders and anything a"ecting the bottom-line is viewed with great concern. Performance of individuals is one such concern. Some of the factors in#uencing the performance of individuals include burnout, emotional apathy leading to disengagement and cultural mismatch. An inclusive approach to CSR initiatives is increasingly being used by organizations to address these issues. CSR is now viewed as a strategic input for the organization. Employees are given opportunities to participate in various CSR initiatives through voluntary work like imparting skills to slum kids, creating educational infrastructure in deprived geographies, enhancing employability of rural youth, etc. By adopting the strategic outlook towards CSR, organizations have not only ensured enhanced employee engagement, but also an improved brand image as an exciting place to work. In conclusion, CSR when utilized well is an invaluable tool for organizational development.


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