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Thinking Back to Younger Days Green Stamps, Gas, and Grilling

Not too long ago, I saw an old Sperry & Hutchinson Green Stamps sign hanging on the wall of an antique shop I was passing by, and that made me remember collecting Green Stamps when I was a kid. As I’m sure you remember, S&H Green Stamps were given out to people at grocery stores or gas stations, and I suppose other places, after they spent a certain amount of money. The more you spent, the more Green Stamps you got. Then, if you managed to collect enough of them, you could use the stamps to buy items in a catalog that S&H sent out. For those not old enough to remember, these stamps were very similar to loyalty cards given out today.

“You can never really tell what will send you down memory lane, and, whenever that happens to me, I enjoy thinking about all the good times I’ve had.”

burn on my arm when I was careless reaching in and turning off the gas. You better believe I was a lot more careful next time! Now that I’m older, I try to grill as much as I can with my family, and I still really enjoy it. I currently use a Weber charcoal grill, an Orion Cooker (which cooks turkeys better and juicier than anything I’ve ever found), and (shhhh, don’t tell the traditionalists) I even traded in a stick-burning smoker in favor of a pellet grill after I got tired of staying up all night tending the fire. Although, as my family will tell you, I love building fires. You can never really tell what will send you down memory lane, and, whenever that happens to me, I enjoy thinking about all the good times I’ve had.

My family was pretty keen on saving up as many Green Stamps as we could because we had our hearts set on a propane gas grill. I’d been grilling since I was about 12 or even younger, and I knew how to cook before we traded in all our stamps, so I was pretty excited. We must have saved up hundreds, if not thousands, of these stamps just to get this grill. Before this, we only had a small hibachi (that dad grilled on); then we “graduated” to a larger, but still small, charcoal grill. This one gave us a lot more room to work with.

getting to cook on a gas grill for the first time. Now I prefer a charcoal grill over gas (even though it might take a little extra time to get it up and running, the food always tastes better), but, back then, working on the gas grill was fantastic. The one difficult thing about it was starting the grill. We didn’t have an electric starter like gas grills have today. No, we had to start the gas, light a match, and stick it up a small opening on the bottom of the grill. Since we didn’t have those really long matches (and I never knew they existed until I was much older), it was always an adventure lighting the grill, hoping you didn’t burn your fingers when the gas caught. I also still remember once putting a quarter-size

-Aaron Miller

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