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November 1932

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The ALPHABET o f SC I ENCE [Continued from page 468]

The first miracle o f the Bible is a chemical miracle. The Book states that, in the creation of Adam, God made his body out o f the dust o f the earth. We can analyze the dust, as we analyze the human body, and we find that the same elements that are in dust compose the human frame, and in the exact proportion. 1I The chemistry of the Scripture had thousands o f oppor­ tunities to err here, if we apply the law of permutation to the known elements, and the variety of proportions. in which those elements can be combined. Yet in the face of an impossible demand for accuracy, ages before the science we contemplate emerged from the womb of time, Moses wrote a chemical proposition, and his words must be marked “ correct” by this most exact of all sciences. In the South is a well-known physician who has done what few original thinkers in all history have dared to attempt; he has left the blazed trails of custom in his profession and has developed a new method of diagnosis. Instead of searching for symptoms and tracing disease through the various channels o f the physiology, this man of science makes his findings purely upon the basis of chemistry. A pplying the M ethods of M oses We sat and talked for a long and interesting period a few days ago in the doctor’s private office, and the minutes slipped away unheeded as I listened to his modern ideas. The doctor said that he got his system from Moses! While reading the words that Moses wrote those thousands of years ago, this man of modern medicine said, “Well, if Moses is right, then we are wrong!” Possessing the cour­ age to turn aside from accepted ways in his attempts to find the truth, this doctor now practices according to the hint he received from the Word of G od ! If the chemical bal­ ance of the body is absolute, “ health” is the result. But if there is a deficiency o f certain elements, or of one element, “ sickness” is the result. And also, if there is a surplus of one chemical, the result is detrimental to the entire body, since the chemical balance must be kept inviolate. A healthy body is one that stays just exactly as “ dusty” as God made man in the very beginning. We had the opportunity of talking at some length with a patient of the doctor, a young man that is a professor in a southern university. He is keen, educated, a thinker. No charlatan would delude him with false hopes and wild fan­ tasies of chimerical relief. This man says positively, and with pleasure in his testimony, that the doctor has certainly found the path to recovered health in his case, and that the system worked on him. Many such testimonies all bore out the conclusion of the matter thus stated—as one young student said, “ Moses must have known his onions!” Indeed he did; or at least Moses was sufficiently famil­ iar with the Spirit of God, to receive as authoritative the revelation He made, whether it was about onions or planets, men or stars! We would not have the reader believe that we think'Moses knew more about the human anatomy than

modern doctors have learned— far from i t . This ancient writer was subject, in his own wisdom, to all the limitations of human ignorance in his own day and age. But Moses did not write what he himself knew to be fact; Moses wrote just the words that Jehovah gave him to record. Thus we are not surprised to find that those words are in supreme harmony with the facts of chemistry, when that science is developed and matured; for God knew the facts o f His creation and could be trusted to record them exactly as they are. F in ish ing the A lphabet The reader will have to finish this primer to his own satisfaction, for space will not permit T he K ing ’ s B usi ­ ness to continue these articles indefinitely. But the inters ested student will find no lack o f material in the world of current science, and the primer may grow apace. Each passing day brings new discoveries as the amazing genius of modern man delves deeper and deeper into the things of creation, and each new discovery brings fresh evidence that the Word o f God is indeed inspired. Even the obscure science o f dermatology has its voice of testimony, clamoring to be heard. It matters not whether we turn to ethnology or to entomology, the record is the same; to geology, with its record o f past ages, herpetology; bringing us the discovery of the snake with rudimentary of vestigal hind legs, each bears out the thesis of this paper, that science and Scripture walk hand in hand. Ichtheology testifies to the truth of the Mosaic record, and so on through the entire alphabet o f science. T urning to the B ible We truly live in a day when the very stones are crying out! Men, in the pride of their limited and recent young learning, are robbing God of His glory, so the stones can no longer keep still. This is exactly what the Lord Jesus said would happen, and the testimony o f insensate things is so clear and loud today, that the most intelligent men of the current age are turning with delight and wonder to the Book that anticipated their discoveries by tens and tens of centuries! Fascinated with this line of demonstration, suclj a man as Sajous, after a lifetime spent in research in endro- crinology, finds the Bible to be the best and most reliable of all printed guides, and writes in defense and exposition of its scientific accuracy. It is only ignorance or, at best, semiknowledge, that today dares challenge the value and testimony of the written rev­ elation God has given to men. On the borderland of true learning, there dwells a vociferous host in the half-light o f error, who are loud in their claims of superiority to the Christian Scriptures. But in their ranks are found none of the truly learned, the erudite, and the sanely scientific. Those who really have a right to speak in the name of science testify with a gratifying unanimity, “ Thus saith the Lord !” In the calm certainty o f their opinion, let us' hold fast what God hath given us, forsaking the profane babblings of a science that is falsely so called.

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