King's Business - 1932-11

THE FIRST BIOLA ANNU ITY W a s i s s u e d on the Ylth day o f November, 1917, to Julia A . Goodnow in the amount o f $3,000.00. During the fifteen years which have elapsed since the issuance o f the first annuity, there have been Annuity Agreements written aggregating $1,462,012.00 Ito

HOME OF THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES 536-558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, Calif. Through Two Major Depressions and for Fifteen Consecutive Years

holders of Biola Annuity Agreements have received without exception their periodical checks in full on or before the date stipulated in the agreement. There have been few investments to parallel this record.

The Stability of a Biola Agreement

has been proven; and should therefore be a very attractive investment for those desiring to be conservative. Funds placed in this worth-while work will relieve one of theworries that come with uncertainty as to one’s income.

A B io l a A n n u it y is one w ay o f complying w ith the (fr ea t Commission^ "(jO 'ye into a ll the world and preach the gospel to every creature.'j’

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