King's Business - 1932-11


November 1932

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Some one was being introduced. A woman with a fine square chin and a splendid, vigorous body. The beauty par­ lor discussion went rippling on as though no speaker had been introduced. The chairman rapped slightly and shook her head. “ My friends, the times are serious,” the speaker was saying. “ I was present at the first annual trial of God which took place last November in New York. At that time, to offset Thanksgiving Day, they instituted a “ Blame­ giving Day.” The American Association for the Advance­ ment o f Atheism boasts itself to be the most powerful enemy of Christ in the United States. They expect many Blamegiving Days to be celebrated all over the Union this year, and in coming years, until Thanksgiving is aband­ oned. Their idea is to call God to account on the assump­ tion, for the day only, that God exists.” Thereupon followed an account of the burlesque on the Lord’s Prayer. Sonia shuddered as she heard the familiar rythm and missed the sacred words which first fell from the lips of Him who spoke as no other man ever spoke. It was blasphemy! Again Sonia looked about her. Why were they not stir­ red as she was stirred ? Some were listening seriously, but the minds of others appeared to be still in the beauty par­ lor or at the quilting frame. “ I will close with quoting the Four A ’s,” cried the speaker. “ This is what they say about your churches which have gotten away from the full truth o f God’s W o rd : “Had not Ingersoll lectured, the Modernists would not have been so numerous. Likewise, the American Associa­

tion for the Advancement o f Atheism helps greatly in turning out more Modernists, who, naturally, indignantly deny their indebtedness to us. What though our benefici­ aries scorn us, let the good work continue, for thus is reli­ gion undermined. . . . Much as we dislike Modernists be­ cause of their illogical compromising, we must recognize that, for many, Modernism is but a stop-over on the road to. atheism. Perhaps we should have a little more patience with these our weaker brothers who are unable to go straight from orthodoxy to atheism without resting at the camps o f liberalism along the way. Modernism being no abiding place for a reasoning mind, some of them will yet arrive.” Now at last, surely, these women were gripped— carried out of themselves by a desire to meet such a menace. But hark! Right behind her, Sonia heard two o f them begin: “ Yes, dearie! She was afraid to let her husband see what she had in her bag. She jumped when she saw him open it, and— ” “ Looked awfully queer, didn’t it !” “ Yes, she tried— ” Sonia turned, frowned, and said: Isn’t it just possible that she had saved up some money for his Christmas present—as a surprise ? In the meantime, the Four A ’s marches on.” And then she rushed speedily out o f the room to wait in the car for kind, old Grandma. * * * * * One extra at dinner, Sonia. The nephew will bring his fiancee. No, she is American.” Sonia bent her head in answer. She could not speak, for her heart was too full.

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