King's Business - 1932-11


T h e , K i n g ’ s

B u s i n e s s

November 1932

Peloubet’g Select Notes E dited by A mos R. W ells

This is the fifty-ninth annual volume of this helpful commentary on the Interna­ tional Sunday School Lessons. The treat­ ment of each lesson is thorough, scriptural, and interesting. Besides four full-page color reproductions o f religious master­ pieces, there are over 125 text illustrations, as well as chronological charts and maps. The book meets the needs o f teachers of all ages. 378 pages. W. A. Wilde Co. Cloth. Price $1.90. Addresses on the Epistles of John B y H. A. I ronside The author makes no attempt at elabo­ rate or scholarly exegesis, although he would be well qualified to do so, but pre­ sents in this volume the practical expo­ sitions that proved a great blessing to thousands in the Moody Church, Chicago, to whom he ministers as pastor. The book is the kind that both saved and unsaved readers will profit by, for, as may be ex­ pected from this author, it is a clear setting forth o f the ever glorious gospel. 235 pages. Loizeaux Bros. Cloth. Price $1.35. Any collection o f the writings of this eloquent, Spirit-filled man of God, who in­ fluenced the thought and action o f scores of Christians as much through his writings as through his long years o f pulpit min­ istry, will be welcomed by seekers o f deep, devotional thought. The present volume treats the subject o f godly self-control as it relates to thoughts, affections, moods, disposition, manners, etc. Portions from this and other books by Dr. Pierson com­ prise the Devotional Readings in this month’s K ing ’ s B usiness . 126 pages. G. F. Vallance, Publisher. Cloth. Price $1.25. Godly Self-Control B y A. T. P ierson Those who have found pleasure and profit in the reading of Under Whose Wings and Eyes in the Dark will welcome this new story, which was recently run as a serial in T he K ing ' s B usiness , and which is now available in book form. Around Marion Linton, who has lost parents, home, friends, fortune—even her faith—this charming narrative is developed in a succession of scenes, pictured with real distinction and with convincing fidelity, which describe the processes whereby the girl attains the restoration o f her spiritual heritage. The story is designed to help young peo­ ple who are trying to plan their lives with­ out seeking God’s will, or who are carried away by the atheistic teaching o f our mod­ ern colleges. 226 pages. Revell Co. Cloth. Price $1.50. Dr. Dawson has produced a very helpful volume on matters o f the day. It takes up a wide range of questions from diversities of tongues and gifts to the meaning o f the cross of Christ. The answers are under­ standable and exceedingly satisfying. Many problems that Christians meet in this com­ plex age are dealt with, not with man’s wisdom, but with the wisdom of the Word o f God. 115 pages. Pickering & Inglis. Paper. Price 75 cents. Present-Day Problems B y J. G M. D awson The Return of the Tide B y Z enobia B ird


The Progress of World-Wide Missions B y R obert H all G lover Whoever undertakes, as does this au­ thor, to offer an accurate review of world missionary endeavor, from the time of the apostles to the present, faces a gigantic task requiring broad travel, deep study, and ability to put into compact, readable form the facts gleaned. Dr. Glover, a physician and Fellow of the Royal Geographical So­ ciety, who is at present connected with the China Inland Mission as Home Director for North America, has had intimate touch with most of the mission fields of the world. He is, therefore, peculiarly well fitted for this undertaking, and his suc­ cess in it may be judged by the eager re­ ception of his work. The book is in its ninth edition. Revisions completed in the summer o f 1931 bring it up to date. Used as a textbook, as it is in a number o f Bible schools, the questions at the close o f each chapter are an aid to memory and dis­ cussion. The complete bibliography and excellent index make it a valuable book for ready reference. 418 pages. Richard R. Smith, Inc. Cloth. Price $2.50. The purpose o f this book, as the author states it, is “to present to the reader some of the distilled spiritual experiences and counsels of Hudson Taylor.” In fulfill­ ment o f this purpose, 120 portions for daily use are arranged under the headings: The Legacy of His Message, The Legacy of His Life, The Legacy of His Work, and The Ever-Present Lord. The subject matter is o f a devotional nature, culled from un­ published letters, undivorced o f the per­ sonal appeal that accompanied the writing. 167 pages. China Inland Mission. Cloth. Price $1.00. The life and labors of this stalwart Christian leader furnish seemingly inex­ haustible material for such discerning and devoted writers as the co-authors of this book. Readers who are familiar with their two-volume biography of Hudson Taylor will find little in this present volume that is new. Its mission is to serve the many who do not have time for extended read- in but who need and desire the unfailing inspiration that comes from even a brief glimpse o f a life so yielded and so used as was that o f the famous founder o f the China Inland Mission. 174 pages. China Inland Mission. Cloth. Price $1.00. The Gist of the Lesson for 1933 B y R. A. T orrey For years, this handy vest-pocket com­ mentary has been an aid to busy Sunday- school workers. This thirty-fourth edition will receive a hearty welcome, as usual. The notes are terse and thought-provok­ ing. They may be safely relied upon, for they are absolutely loyal to the Word of God. 160 pages. Revell Co. Board. Price 35 cents. Hudson Taylor’s Legacy B y M arshall B roomhall Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret B y D r . and M rs . H oward T aylor

Teen-Age Stories Christian workers often find it difficult to secure suitable fiction to replace the trash which most of their young people are reading. The following stories, published in good cloth bindings, by Pickering & In- glis, are clean and wholesome, full of live­ ly interest, and built around high ideals. Most o f them contain a very clear setting forth of the plan of salvation and an urge to apply it personally. The books are spec­ ially suited to those in their early and mid­ dle teens. M argaret ’ s S tory by Marjory Douglas. Brought up in the lap of luxury, with never a worry or care either for herself or for others, Margaret finds it a terrific blow when she finds out the true facts o f her adoption, in the family, and when she is cast out by her foster father at the time of his wife’s death. However, she is led to Christ by a godly cook and, by His grace, is enabled to go through many a trial to the glory o f God. 315 pages. Price $1.25. C oral by Charlotte Murray. Little Coral was the mystery of the community from the time that, a tiny baby, Tom Hardy first held her in his arms as he stood on the shore of the little English fishing village one night in a dreadful gale. No one knew who the rough sailors were that rowed madly up to the shore, left her there, and disappeared again into the storm. Around the life of the little one is woven a complex tale of the lives of those who befriended her, always, however, giving prominence to Christ’s mastery over the individual life. 255 pages. Price $1.25. W ayfarers ’ R est by Isabel Platt. “Way­ farers’ Rest” was the quaint flower-filled tea garden of Downseaves vicarage, which the vicar’s daughter had turned into a place of real blessing as well as a means of in­ come. The story is a pretty romance in which a young girl learns to follow her highest duty and to take her guidance from the Lord. 157 pages. Price 75 cents. T he B reath of T omorrow by Janie Langford. The story, written in the first person, centers around the conversion of the carefree wife of a well-to-do young officer o f the British army, stationed in In­ dia. Days of testing follow the conversion of this society butterfly, but her faith holds her steady through them all. 157 pages. Price 75 cents. T he L ost I nheritance by Esther E. Enoch. The scene is laid in England during the World War. A young couple start life together and make a failure of it until they are both transformed by the power of the indwelling Saviour. The story does not have the unwholesome atmosphere of the usual married life novel, but is clean and pure in all its details. 175 pages. Price 75 cents. O nly U s T hree by E. A. Bland. “Us Three” are Jack, his mother, and his dog, Puzzle. Adverse circumstances force Jack to work while still a child, but, young though he is, he makes a staunch stand for Christ among his ungodly fellow workers at tremendous cost to himself. 190 pages. Price $1.00.

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