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November 1932

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force, emanating from the “meek and quiet spirit”—the only “ornament” de­ clared to be in the sight o f God of “great price”—is probably the greatest source of power resident in a disciple. Many a Chris­ tian preacher, teacher, and honest worker is, to those who know him best, a self-con­ tradiction, the effect o f his words being partially, if not wholly, annulled by his temper and manners; and. hence in the Sermon on the Mount our Lord pro­ nounces great in the kingdom of heaven those who “do and teach.” It is even a question how far one has the highest right and authority to teach who does not him­ self do, practicing and exemplifying his own teachings. NOVEMBER 23 S t r e n g t h T h r o u g h Y ie l d in g “ Yield yourselves unto God S (Rom. 6 • 13). We read of giants in the days before the flood, men o f renown, mighty men; but the true giants, men o f renown in God’s sight, are those who have learned the secret of triumphing over their own passions—who, though unknown to fame, take and hold the throne of the little empire within. Human notions of might are quite different; the strong man is the man of strong will, driv­ ing energy o f purpose and persistency of effort, but such strong men often make everything yield and bow before their im­ perious dictation; even their children flee before them. God teaches us that the strong man is the man who can yield rather than compel others to ; who can surrender a course upon which he has been bent, if higher ends are to be answered by such yielding or surrender. NOVEMBER 24 T h e G r e a t e s t B l e s s in g Every good gift . . . cometh down from the Father o f lights” (Jas. 1 :17). Day after day He showers us with bless­ ings, Night after night His bounty overflows, Joy unto joy His boundless love is adding, Gift unto gift His faithfulness bestows! Behind us all the past with good is studded, Star-points o f light in memory’s darken­ ing skies, And faring onward to the unknown future, Before us still new constellations rise. But when the sun springs forth in radiant splendor And floods the world with glory and with light, How swift the shadows flee! How melts the darkness, How pale the stars that seemed so fair and bright! So when we let Him in—the Life Abun­ dant— Fling wide the doors and drop the hin­ dering bars, He comes, the Giver, all His gifts trans­ cending As doth the sun the rushlights of the stars. — A n n i e J o h n s o n F l in t . NOVEMBER 25 H in d e r in g W e ig h t s 1 . "Let us lay aside every weight, and the sm which doth so easily beset us" (Heb. A hunter in the Alleghanies one day shot

a large bald eagle. The bird measured seven feet two inches across the wings. When the sportsman went to examine his prize, he was astonished to find one of the eagle’s claws held firmly in a powerful steel trap to which was attached a steel chain five feet long. ^Trap and chain had many marks of vicious blows from the eagle’s bill show­ ing how he had vainly endeavored to free himself from them. While they had not been heavy enough to prevent his flying, the hunter believed that they had so im­ peded and wearied him as to be the cause of bringing the great bird within reach of his rifle. Many a fine man with brain and imagination and heart capable o f high soaring flight has been brought within reach of the enemy’s gun by some trap of vicious appetite or passion that has held him down from his place among the stars. NOVEMBER 26 B l e s s in g s f o r L o v e r s o f P e a c e “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children o f God” (Matt. 5 i9). Christ pronounces blessings upon the peacemakers, not merely peace-keepers, for only those can make peace who have first learned to control themselves. To har­ monize contending elements, appease strife, one must first learn to harmonize the ele­ ments within, and cease from inward strife. The Emperor Sigismund was asked by a chieftain, “Why do you not destroy your foes, instead of showing them favor ?” His noble reply was, “Do I not destroy my foes by making them my friends?” Passions need a holy vent in service, in the enthusi­ asm and ardor of diligent effort to right wrongs and uplift the fallen. The Lord be with us as we bend His blessing to receive, His gift of peace upon us send Before His house o f prayer we leave. — J o h n E l l e r t o n . “Keep the door o f my lips” (Psa. 141:3). Oiir tongues hang loosely, and swing easily without our knowing it. We are be- fj"ayefl into hasty and wicked words; hence the need o f a divine sentinel to keep watch; to demand o f each word that would go forth the countersign of its right to leave us, the proof that it is not an enemy to a servant o f God and man to fulfill some holy mission. It is also to be remembered that while warriors, and others, who go out from a gate must re­ turn through the same gate, no words ever go back into the city of Mansoul. When NOVEMBER 27 T h e S e n t in e l

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