King's Business - 1932-11

Worth- While BIOLABOOKS SERMON ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BIBLE B y K eith L. B rooks Price $1.25 A helpful co-w orker for preachers and Bible teachers. THE TEMPLE LIGHT (Fiction) B y D r . G. B ayard Y oung THE PATMOS VISION B y G eorge W. D avis Paper $1.50 Cloth $2.25 A series o f addresses on the prophetic book Revelation. O f incalculable value to Bible students.

Cloth $1.25 A series o f beautiful pictures in prose ex­ quisitely penned. Ideal for Christmas gift. THE BIBLE AND SPIRITUAL LIFE B y A rthur T . P ierson . Cloth $2.50 This book convincingly shows that God as man|s Creator has given the Bible for man’s special guidance. GOD'S BEST SECRETS B y A ndrew M urray Cloth $2.50 This book consists o f 12 divisions with one fo r each month and thirty-one chapters with a page for each day. W ell bound— clearly printed. R o h m • b , ble i ns W / V \ 558 SOUTH HC

WHY I BELIEVE IN THE VIRGIN BIRTH B y W illiam E vans Paper 60c Cloth $1.00 Concise business-like lectures, delivered at noon hours in various cities.


Paper 75c Cloth $1.25 This book clearly shows that in G od's plan the only perfect solution o f the political, social and commercial problems of. the day will be found in the personal return o f Christ. NOVEMBER SPECIAL POSTPAID TO ANY ADDRESS T I T U T E O F L O S A N G E L E S >PE STREET - - LOS ANGELES, CALIF.

FINE GOLD (Fiction)

B y J osephine H. W estervelt

Cloth $1.50 A real live m issionary story o f South Am er­ ica. Filled with m ystery and adventure. B I O L A BOOK

48 Gifts for only $3®°! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? Send T he K ings B usiness to four of your friends— 12 big issues, teeming with interest. You may have all four at the Special Holiday Rate of $3.00 (Canadian and foreign subscrip­ tions require 25 cents each, extra.) If you wish, your own name may be included in the list you send. This is the ideal Christmas gift. It saves you time and worry. It is ever new. It brings joy throughout the whole year. Make your Christmas giving an honor to the King. Remember— Christmas is just around the corner! Act now. THE KING’S BUSINESS 536 S outh H ope S treet L os A ngeles , C alifornia

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