Orange County Insight March 2023

Orange County Recognizes the Contributions and Service of its Dedicated Female Staff

By: Orange County Communications Department

The United States first recognized the month of March as women ’ s history month in 1987. Orange County has a long history of employing women in government. Orange County ’ s staff profile alone demonstrates the important role of women in the functions of our local government. In fact, fifty - seven percent (57%) of our employees are female. They serve across the board in virtually every department, from Fire and EMS to Administration, from Planning Services to the Libraries. Women also hold several non - traditional roles in our organization in the fields of public safety, emergency management, emergency communications, solid waste management, economic development, administration, and public works. Beyond the simple staff ratio, women play an important part in guiding the direction of the County. A more in - depth look reveals that women make up well over half our Senior Leadership Team, at sixty - three percent (63%). The Senior Leadership Team represents our topmost collection of staff positions, comprised of department directors and upper administration. In terms of administrators, two (2) out of three (3) of our highest - level positions (Deputy County Administrator and Assistant County Administrator for Operations) are filled by women. Women are also well - represented in Orange County ’ s elected positions, including the Clerk of Court, Commissioner of the Revenue, Commonwealth ’ s Attorney, and Treasurer.

We are proud of the enduring leadership and service impacts made by the hard - working female members of the Orange County team!

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