Orange County Insight March 2023

Personnel Policy Updates By: Orange County Communications Department

In late December 2022, staff, guided by Supervisor Frame, began work to revise the Orange County Personnel Policy Manual. The goal of this revision is to work through the Orange County Personnel Policy Manual in a systematic way that results in an updated manual of Board personnel policies while deleting outdated policies or policies that aren ’ t properly classified as personnel policies to the County Administrator. In June 2021, a resolution was adopted clarifying that personnel policies shall remain the purview of the Board, but that there are necessary administrative policies and procedures which are more appropriately devolved to the County Administrator.

The current Personnel Policy Manual contains several policies that could be better classified as administrative policies, financial procedures, or human resources procedures rather than personnel policies. An important aspect of this review identified by Supervisor Frame is to consider those matters that should form the Board ’ s high level policy regarding personnel and connect the Board ’ s governance to the legal framework of its oversight, as opposed to procedural and ministerial matters better addressed by the County Administrator. The final result of the work will provide employees with an easily understandable employee manual, that covers what is necessary to be successful but is not unreasonably large and limits usefulness and comprehension. Currently, the Personnel Policy Manual contains eight (8) sections. Rather than taking on all eight (8) sections at the same time, Staff is working through the sections sequentially during Board of Supervisors ’ Worksessions to keep the process more manageable and focused. Once the Board has reached consensus on all eight (8) sections, a resolution would be brought forward for the Board ’ s consideration that would enact all proposed changes. Going forward from there, any revisions to the Personnel Policy Manual would come to the Board as necessary. Administrative policy revisions will be circulated for employee review and input before being finalized. To date, staff, guided by Supervisor Frame, have completed a review of Sections 1 and 2 of the Personnel Policy Manual. Section 3 review is expected to take place during the March 14 Worksession. For answers to questions and to learn more about the process, please contact Jenny Carpenter, Human Resources Director, at or (540) 661 - 5440.

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