Orange County Insight March 2023

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Citizens Ask...

Q: Who do I contact for roadside cleanup? A: For roads within the County, you may contact the Orange County Administrator ’ s Office at (540) 672 - 3313 to put a road on the list for future cleanup. If a road is within the Town of Orange limits, please call the Town of Orange Public Works at (540) 832 - 0877. The County of Orange also greatly appreciates any resident who wishes to take time to pick up litter along the road where their property adjoins. Making this effort would greatly decrease the litter on Orange County roads.

Q: How can I find out who the electric provider is for a home?

A: Look at the meter affixed to the outside of the unit. If you are not at the location, visit the GIS page on the County ’ s website. Enter the address of the location and search. Next, click the layers icon below the search box, then the Orange County GIS dropdown, then Overlays dropdown, then check box besides Electric Service Districts. Each district will appear a different color with its name: orange is Rappahannock Electric Co - op, yellow is Dominion Virginia Power, blue is Central Virginia Electric Co - op, and green is Alleghany Power.

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