MIYC Summer Reciprocals 2018 v1

Summer Reciprocal Program     with Golf and Country Clubs   May 1 – October 31, 2018  

Full Members  of MIYC  have  the  opportunity  to  enjoy  dining,  golf  and   other  ameniGes  at  a  wide  range  of  area  Country  Clubs  and  Golf  Clubs   during  the  off-­‐season. What  is  on  offer  varies  by  club.  For most ,  pay  by   credit  card  rather  than  a  chargeback  to  your MIYC  account. Make  your   reservaGon  through MIYC at 239-­‐394-­‐0199 or  contact  the  clubs directly.  

Cedar Hammock     8660 Cedar Hammock Road,   Naples, FL 34112   Golf 239-­‐393-­‐1134, Dining   239-­‐354-­‐2100   Classic at  Lely Resort   7989 Grand  Lely Drive, Naples, FL   34113   Golf & Dining 239-­‐732-­‐1220   Copperleaf   23101 Copperleaf Blvd, Estero, FL   34135   Golf 239-­‐390-­‐2030, Dining   239-­‐390-­‐2027  

The Dunes   949 Sand Castle Road, Sanibel  Island, FL   33957   Golf 239-­‐472-­‐2535, Dining   239-­‐472-­‐3355   Eagle Creek   11 Cypress View Drive, Naples, FL   34113   Dining 239-­‐793-­‐0500, Tennis   239-­‐775-­‐2642   Esplanade   8912 Torre Vista Drive, Naples, FL   34119   Golf 239-­‐494-­‐8020

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