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he following are some of the GenAI variables and implications in the Operate area of your DNA to consider. 5. Governance Governance is focused on areas such as legal, risk management, decision making authority at the worker, management and

considerations of governance outside of your home geography. Some believe waiting for governance issues to be addressed externally is the best strategy, while others will be proactive and establish their own governance approaches. Many companies have already or are in the process of establishing their own ethics boards, reviews of their own algorithms and other related governance considerations to be proactive around these issues.

board levels, data management, data privacy, AI algorithms, ethics, regulatory, transparency, as well as government, community relations, and unions.

Another concern is whether your talent will feel untrained, unable or limited to what they can do with GenAI, especially when they see peers at other companies doing more. Will they leave because of constraints in their use of GenAI at work? Or will they leave as a result of an ethical dilemma because the company is using GenAI? Other considerations include ensuring that the use of GenAI remains in compliance with relevant regulations

GenAI has the potential to bring clarity, insights, and new ways of looking at governance, while at the same time introducing new challenges like algorithmic bias, ethics issues, and who can make decisions and what kinds of decisions can be made, as faster decision making is needed. There will continue to be pushes and pulls on these issues from government and other constituencies as well as new


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