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GenAI has an exponential factor rarely found in the commonly used technologies of today - it can create new content and even novel solutions from vast amounts of disparate information. This ‘generative’ factor when applied to both companies and their customers changes interaction models, work, processes, structure, roles, skill requirements, speed of decision making, as well as new ethical considerations, governance and policy changes, and of course, talent implications. This generative characteristic means it will push changes directly at and into the organization - ready or not - and straight at your company’s DNA - how it is organized, operates and behaves. If that DNA is tuned to this technology, then more progress can be made. If it isn’t then the organization and its talent will struggle with its adoption and value realization. As we noted at the beginning of this article, companies are beginning to grapple with three key questions regarding GenAI: how it will impact their business, how to ensure their organization and employees will become ready and enabled to use it, and how to deploy it quickly, safely, and ethically. The potential benefits of GenAI are immense, yet companies must also exercise caution to avoid becoming stuck in a swirl of “random acts of digital” and not mistake ‘activity’ for progress and ‘deployment’ for actual adoption. To address these questions, companies will need to consider whether their organization’s DNA is enabled in a way to take advantage of GenAI’s power while also minimizing its risks. Companies staying the same without realigning or recoding their DNA will find the organization quickly out of synch with the changes, dispersion and speed of GenAI. The GenAI DNA Framework provides a roadmap for companies to reduce risks, increase adoption, accelerate benefits, and achieve their business intentions with this powerful and promising technology. At the beginning of this article, we suggested by its end you would be in a better position to answer the following question “Do you have the right DNA and readiness to make GenAI a success story for your company?”. We hope through this article, you have gained some additional insights and useful information to help you begin to answer that question as well as some ideas on how you might approach using this technology in your organization and with customers that will give you the greatest potential for success.

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Ian Lee is VP of Digital Organization Transformation at Cognixia, Inc. a leading digital talent & transformation company. He is a twenty-year veteran of strategic consulting, digital and business transformation. He is sought-after for his expertise in digital transformation, customer experience design, and technology. Ian led Deloitte Digital in Canada and served as CTO of Microsoft’s consulting business, as well as leading Innovation and Experience Design at Capco. Ian has worked across Financial Services, Life Sciences, Consumer Products and many other industries.

Dr. Garth Andrus is President and CEO of Cognixia, Inc., a leading digital talent & transformation company. He has been a partner and leader at Deloitte, Accenture and EY and served on the Board of Directors of Deloitte Consulting. He led Deloitte Digital’s DNA Transformation business helping companies across the world become more digital. He has worked across Technology, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Retail, Energy and many other industries. He is the co-author of ‘The Technology Fallacy’ from MIT Press as well as articles in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Sloan Management Review and many others. Garth has a Doctorate from Vanderbilt University.


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