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What is the GenAI DNA Framework�

A company’s DNA comprises how it is Organized for work, Operates and Behaves across the enterprise. It is the manifestation of your culture and the realities of what you do as an organization every day. Similar to human DNA, it makes your organization who and what it is. With today’s world of ‘change at the speed of digital’, your organization’s current DNA may already be, or could soon become, out-of-alignment with your business objectives unless you are constantly adjusting or recoding your DNA to stay ahead of the changes happening around you. With GenAI, that misalignment will be accelerated and more pronounced because of its exponential proclivity for change and disruption of what exists today. If you want to reduce costs, speed up execution and align your enterprise and talent with your business imperatives, this DNA framework will help you do that. There is much more to this framework (e.g., maturity model, interaction approaches, minimum viable changes (MVCs), etc.) than addressed in this article, but nonetheless the principles discussed here should be a helpful primer as you consider GenAI and how to make it a success for your company.

If you want superior business results out of GenAI, you will need to weave essential changes into your DNA that de-risk, activate and superpower your organization to succeed with this transformative technology.

GenAI DNA Framework


5. Governance 6. Technology 7. Talent 8. Processes



9. Leadership 10. Performance

1. Structure / Work 2. Physical environment

11. Rewards 12. Policies

3. Capabilities 4. Geographies


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