FMN | May 27th, 2019

Sustainable Goals (Cont’d from Page 5)

4. To do right by the environment : Last, but certainly not least, a critical reason to develop sustainable pack- aging goals is to save the planet, be ethical and do the right thing for its own sake. There are real threats to business and society in terms of climate change im- pacts and availability of resources that affect this and, even moreso, future generations. Forward-looking cor- porations are active corporate citizens, positively af- fecting the future of the planet. It’s clear that it’s becoming more expected for compa- nies to publicly commit to implementing sustainability broadly and sustainable packaging more specifically.Out of the largest 250 companies in the world, 93 percent report publicly on sustainability and 75 percent of mid- and large-cap companies report publicly on sustainability. SPC’s Goals Database includes 640 entries of goals and statements of interest from 100 brands and retail- ers. Of the 640 entries in the database, commitments to more sustainable packaging only account for about half and the other half are broader commitments to sustainability made at the corporate level. Sustainable packaging goals are, as the name sug- gests, more specific to packaging. They include goals around recyclability,material and volume efficiency, re- sponsible fiber sourcing,eliminating unfavorable mate- rials, using post-consumer recycled content and using renewable materials. Implementing Change So, the vast majority of companies are publicly com- mitting to making their packaging more sustainable. While setting goals is a critical first step, we need to take additional steps to ensure that industry commit- ments to sustainable packaging are not just aspiration- al and instead focus on implementation. How might we move the conversation from aspiration to impact? Strategies are different for different goals and also for different companies depending on their corporate culture and how audacious they are. Success stories are out there, but many companies are just beginning to understand strategies for how to implement their sustainable packaging goals. Under the sourcing umbrella, the most popular goal category in the SPC Goals Database was recycled con- tent, which refers to using or increasing the amount of recycled materials in packaging/reducing virgin ma- terials used. The feasibility of incorporating recycled content into various packaging applications depends on many factors such as performance, aesthetic, cost, processing and supply. In the recovery umbrella, the most popular goals in the Goals Database were around designing packaging to be recoverable (recyclable/compostable/reusable).

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