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Avoid Holiday Aches and Pains We want to see you this holiday season so don’t miss your appointments because of a busy holiday schedule. You will be able to enjoy your holiday more when you reach your physical goals.

How to Deal with Aches and Pains Pain medications can reduce the severity of aches and pains for a little while, but they don’t do anything to resolve the issue. There are things that you can do at home that can alleviate your aches and pains, helping toreduce theseverityofyourdiscomfortwhile also reducing the likelihood that the pain will return. You don’t want to complain about aches and pains to your friends and family this holiday season. Start doing something about it. Here is a quick rundown of things that you can do at home that can reduce your daily pain: 1. Use hot and cold therapy appropriately to reduce inflammation. Afteragoodworkoutoradayofdoing chores out in the yard, your muscles will likely feel sore.Apply icedirectly to thearea thathurtsonand off for 20 minutes at a time during the first 24-72 hours after the pain develops. After that, consider soaking in hot water, such as taking a warm bath, to further soothe your muscles. 2. Don’t underestimate the power of resting! Your body relies on sleep just as much as your brain.

You need to get plenty of sleep to keep your stress levelataminimum—and that includesyourphysical stress level. Aim to sleep between 7-9 hours every night. The more activity you engage in, the more sleep you need. 3. Keep your body in good shape with regular exercise. Itmayseemcounter intuitive tocutdown onpainbymovingmore,butexercise isareallygood way to reduce aches and pains. When you exercise everyday,youareabletotrainyourmusclesformore movement, and thereby reduce aches and pains. Keeping active, staying rested, and being smart with hot and cold therapy create a trifecta for healthy managementofachesandpains,but theyaren’tgoing to solve the bigger problems. Whenachesandpainsstart togrowsevere,orchronic, then it istimetoreachouttoaprofessionalforsupport. Don’t forgetphysical therapy is thebestway toreduce aches and pains because it takes into account a combination of active and passive strategies to help tackle the cause of your pain.

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