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Media Industries Institute (CMII). Ferrell recounts a filming experience in Barnesville, GA and how it helps the local economy: “When HBO executives were scouting out locations to film their series Sharp Objects , they were looking for pig farms as the plot of the series centers around a pig farm. They came across the city of Barnesville, GA and fell in love with the pig farm there as well as the quaint little city; so much so that HBO moved the majority of series production to the area.” The filming of Sharp Objects Barnesville, GA is a perfect example of how an entire community can benefit from the production of a film or television show in their area. The film crew purchased items from local businesses, paid local business to rent their locations for filming, paid locals to participate as extras in the filming, and even paid a local young muralist to paint additional murals around town that are still there today. This also helps drive tourists to the area to take selfies and tour all of the Sharp Objects filming locations, which will continue to have a lasting

The monthly membership meetings are designed to engage members through networking and educational activities that benefit both its members and the state of Georgia.

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T he Georgia Production Partnership’s monthly membership meetings are the place to be for companies and individuals active in Georgia’s film, television, and digital media industry. The monthly membership meetings are designed to engage members through networking and educational activities that benefit both its members and the state of Georgia. The Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) originally started as the Atlanta Production Partnership and was founded by a small group of filmmakers in the late ‘90s. The group has been instrumental in the grass roots organization of the production community and the development of key legislative incentives; such as the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, which provides a 20 percent tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more on production and post-production in Georgia. Georgia grants an additional 10 percent tax credit if the finished project includes a state provided promotional logo. GPP’s main goal is to engage the community in protecting the Georgia production tax incentive. As a

result of the interest and tax incentive benefits, there are currently 50 production studios in Georgia and more than 92,000 jobs have been created. The group has expanded its focus beyond metro Atlanta to become the leading industry group concerned with strengthening and preserving the viability of motion picture, television, commercial, and music production in the State of Georgia. GPP now consists of a vast network of business owners, production and post- production department heads, union business agents, government representatives, freelance crew members, actors, stuntmen, catering companies, real estate agents, and musicians. Literally anyone that is involved in the industry is a welcome member. GPP’s board does not have an executive director and is filled by volunteers. All of the board members, committee chairs, and committee members happily volunteer their time in addition to working their full- time jobs as they know the importance and benefits that production in Georgia has on the industry and on the local economy. Lisa Ferrell, Co-President of GPP, is a Producer/ Project Manager for Georgia State University’s Creative

impact on the local economy of Barnesville, GA for years to come. Who knew that a pig farm could have such a lasting impact on an entire community? If you are a member of the Georgia entertainment industry and are interested in continuing the economic and job growth that this industry is bringing to the State of Georgia, you should consider becoming a GPP member. As a member, you enjoy significant discounts from fellow GPP network , and discuss various business issues and production challenges with industry leaders during the monthly meetings and at their annual social events. GPP meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm at the USA Plaza Theatre in Virginia Highlands. Membership cost starts at $25 for students, $50 for individuals, $150 for Associate, and $300 for corporate.

For more detailed membership information and to find out more about the Georgia Production Partnership, visit their website, Facebook page, and Twitter accounts.

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