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I was around 10 years old, and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to step up. I found out I have a passion for cooking,” Love shares. She continues to make all meals and Reed thankfully has been in remission for the last two years. Love’s culinary style has been nurtured in part by watching the YouTube channel Tasty, which highlights… you guessed it… all things tasty. “I don’t cook traditional Southern. My food is influenced by Mexican or Southwestern with a twist.” Some of her favorite recipes that will be included in her cookbook will be a savory lamb dish, a family recipe for juicy steak, plus a garlic butter and potatoes dish that is to die for. Save room for dessert, featuring her winning No Bake Cheesecake. For mom Tierra Reed, this is all very natural for Uriah. A former teacher in academia, Reed has home schooled her daughter. In addition, Love has a good team behind her, with an acting coach, manager, agent, publicist, attorney, and a seasoning liaison. Leaving no stone unturned, Love also manages her five social media platforms with some help from her mom: Instagram: Twitter: @uriahelove Facebook: @uriahelove Tumblr: @uriahelove. Every Wednesday a new YouTube video is published for her fans on her channel #onwednesdayswewatchuriah. “Instagram is my strongest platform,” says Love. Her audience is comprised mostly of tweens between 9 to 14 years old, known as the Generation Z’ers. Her content is focused on her life journey in entertainment and shared on her various platforms. Gen Z is a distinctly different type of consumer than millennials; they grew up online, eschew email and are slowly bringing the demise of Facebook in favor of Instagram and YouTube. For a talented rising star in the entertainment business in Atlanta, Georgia there is no stopping Uriah Love. Beyond the acting, dancing, singing, and cooking she plans to use all her platforms to grow her brand. “I would like to use my platforms to eventually create a nonprofit called Don’t Wait to Be Great that helps kids become whatever they want to be. The nonprofit would pay for whatever training or lessons that goes towards their dreams. I also want to open my own restaurant, and to become a creative director and work in cinematography.” Spoken by a true entrepreneur, Uriah Love.

Uriah Love

I would like to use my platforms to eventually create a nonprofit called Don’t Wait to Be Great that helps kids become whatever they want to be.

taught me that you don’t have to wait to follow your dreams,” Love says. Love recently added Chef to her accomplishments by becoming the winner of The Food Network’s Chopped Junior Champion in Season 9. A lot goes on beyond what you see on camera. With thousands of young applicants competing to be in the competition that season, Love made it through the numerous culinary challenges placed before her. “I really loved the experience of competing on the Food Network, from the beginning to end I enjoyed the journey,” she says. Winning Chopped Junior is simply one of the latest accomplishments in this very busy girl’s life. She is now taking her love of cooking to the next level by launching her own line of seasonings simply called ULoveSeasoning. Her first blend of spices combines the diversity of New Orleans Cajun with the earthiness of down and dirty in your face flavors of the Southwest. The offering debuted on November 27, 2019 and sold out in 12 hours. It is the first of what will eventually be a complete line of spice combinations to choose for any dietary preference. As Love puts it, “Sprinkle some love. It’s the only seasoning you need.” This particular blend also reflects Love’s personality. She describes it as “Spicy, sweet, and tangy in edible form.” In addition, a cookbook highlighting her favorite recipes will soon be available. “I learned to cook when

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T welve-year-old Uriah Love has a repertoire most adults can’t match. She started acting at age 7, and by 9 had been in commercials (both film and print). An accomplished dancer, she’s featured in music videos for R&B artists XSO and Kimani. She is also an ATL’s Kid Hottest Rising Star and Cheyenne Achievement Awards recipient. Her latest addition to her resume? She loves to cook; and she is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with among chefs of all ages. The protégé lives with her mother, Tierra Reed, in Atlanta where they have been engaged in the expanding entertainment business. “My mom is my hero. She

Some of her additional channels include: Kid CEO: @uloveentertainment | @hotttheatre | @atlaconnect | #onwednesdayswewatchuriah | #u! |

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