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Investing in Technology, PC&E Acquires First “Bolt X” East of the Rockies By Mi t ch Le f f

Bolt X High Speed Cinebot

A s Georgia’s film industry continues its strong growth, PC&E is investing to meet the needs of its clients. The full-service equipment rental company recently acquired the first and only high-speed, motion-controlled Bolt X cinebot east of the Rocky Mountains, and the first Bolt X on a track in North America. The addition of the Bolt X to its line of offerings brings new creative possibilities for directors to capture new and unique footage. PC&E provides top-of-the-line equip- ment, sound stages, plus sales and expend-

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Wofford continues: “Georgia’s film industry has grown tremendously over the last decade, so this addition of the Bolt X to the PC&E family is going to further support the creative efforts happening with our partners not just in Georgia, but all around the Southeast.” Directors can move the Bolt X in and around their subjects with double the range of motion of a traditional camera, giving them the freedom to put it anywhere in the set. With a top speed of nearly 32 feet per second, the Bolt X can capture scenes from any angle to create immersive environments and put the viewer at the front and center of the action. If used on the track—as it is currently the only Bolt X on a track in North America— it offers even more flexibility. “We’re delighted PC&E has chosen Bolt X on track to fulfill their motion control requirements,” MRMC’s Managing Director Assaff Rawner. “Precision, repeatability and consistency are essential for today’s filmmakers and we look forward to seeing the creative possibilities they will unlock with their clients using the Bolt X high-speed rig.” This next-generation Bolt X boasts a 10-foot- long reach that opens up a huge range of new shooting opportunities. Long, sweeping camera movements and dynamic changes of camera height and position are made

possible by up to 16.5 feet of vertical travel and the Bolt X can move at a speed of nearly 32 feet per second and rise to almost 16.5 feet. Successfully serving Georgia for more than 35 years, PC&E is the only full-service equipment rental company in greater Atlanta offering the entertainment industry everything needed for productions under one roof — from cameras, lighting and grip, to soundstages and sales expendables. Over its 35+ years, PC&E’s staff has worked on more than 100,000 projects across the United States, and its staff is known throughout the industry as the most expert production team in Georgia. In addition to its state-of-the-art equipment, PC&E offers three soundstages with more than 10,000 square feet of studio space, as well as a full range of expendables, including tapes, gels, diffusion, apple boxes, gloves and other accessories. In addition, the employee- owned PC&E team is active in local communities and in Georgia’s entertainment industry, supporting several nonprofits that support hunger and other issues, and nurturing independent productions by providing equipment and expertise.

ables to film, television and commercial productions. The Bolt X, created by UK-based Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), is a portable motion control system. It can be set-up and ready to shoot quickly and is effec- tive on location and studio environments. “As the film industry continues to grow in Georgia, we are making a major investment in the latest technology by adding the Bolt X to our equipment line. This is a true gamechanger in the Georgia film industry for all of our clients on film, tv or commercial shoots,” says PC&E General Manager Mark Wofford. “In addition to the equipment, we are partnering with Nigel Rowe, who is one of the world’s leading technicians for motion control cinebots.” Rowe, founder of Roundel-MC, is an accomplished VFX supervisor, photographer, director of photography and stereographer, with 25 years of production experience —many specializing in motion control. He worked at Turner Studios and has worked on many feature films shot in the greater-Atlanta area, including Marvel’s Antman . “The addition of the BoltX to PC&E’s excellent stages, camera, lighting and grip departments will create a turnkey solution for high-speed and high-end VFX shoots,” says Rowe.

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