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Wayne Overstreet

“Go Media is producing films as well — not just doing post. My wife and I also have a streaming platform called Good Life TV, focused on faith, family, travel, and leisure. Everything synergizes nicely, but the goal with Go is to produce more original content in film and television.” 2019 saw Overstreet serve as executive producer of the TV series Donnie Simpson Video Soul and the aforementioned Hell on the Border. So far, 2020 has been as dynamic of a year for Overstreet who is working as executive producer of two films in the pre-production stage, L’Inverno and 10 Double Zero . “Everything I have, God gave me. I try to be just and honorable. I pray and for all major decisions, faith is at the forefront, and the relationships around me like Adi Cohen and Mark Damon of DCR, have provided me with opportunities. Wolff Brothers believed in me along the way as well. Rodger Bobb, Bart Phillips, Rob Hardy, Amy Winter, my wife — I’ve had so many amazing blessers. Part of the reason for this, and what I’d tell people interested in breaking into the industry is that you treat everyone the same,” says Overstreet. “I’ve seen people go from the PA to the vice president. The people who treated them well then have an asset. People who didn’t are fearing for their jobs. Always go above and beyond, too. It’s put me in position for God to bless me.” Drew Sawyer Drew Sawyer started his professional life as a clam farmer. While his path to success was anything but traditional, his track record has earned Sawyer mainstream acclaim. “I started Moonshine Post with a credit card. It was born out of indie films. I directed, edited, acted, and shot. We were born out of that scrappy spirit. It’s all about the team, the artists, and incredibly hard work. We convince producers and studios that we’re going to be there for them—and then we deliver on that promise and are able to do so a little cheaper because of the tax incentives,” says Sawyer. “I began my career as an editor. Productions were gearing up and over time, I started realizing there were a bunch of editors in town and felt like we could start

That’s the great thing about Atlanta. You can collaborate with other awesome companies and bring your complementary games to the table. – drew sawyer | @theonlydrew

Drew Sawyer

My goal was to create edifying content. I got a taste of long content and my objective was to be a multimedia content company

with a positive take on things. – wayne overstreet

taking on these jobs. The other companies focused on commercial work. We wanted to focus on movies and were cutting indie films. “Atlanta post house focuses on long form without betraying short form either. Slowly but surely, over the last 7 years, demand has increased over each one. Our guys and girls work their butts off and make damn cool shows. We have a bit of a chip on our shoulders because

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