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Why Adam Asher is the action hero we need now By Mi chae l J . Pa l l e r i no

Photo by Reid Craft

A dam Asher was hooked on adventure long before he helped organize make-shift medical clinics in a Central American town wiped out by mudslides or roamed a dusty highway in north Cairo sipping Egyptian tea with locals. Growing up in rural Georgia, the eventual founder and host of The Edge of Adventure with Adam Asher video series spent his days on his shortwave radio tuned in to distant stations around the world. Gleaning from the stories he absorbed from Europe, South America, the Far East, and beyond, Asher would close his eyes and let his imagination run wild. When he finally had the opportunity to travel, he jumped at the chance, connecting with the people leading humanitarian efforts around the world. The cinematically stunning The Edge of Adventure digital platform chronicles Asher’s pursuits, taking viewers with him to some of the most remote corners of the world. The journey has been everything he imagined, and more, even when he was forced to square off against some of

the most comprising situations imaginable. Vehicle breakdowns and medical emergencies in the middle of nowhere. Tiny boats tossed about in high seas. Military checkpoints in areas not found on a map. Raucous swarms of bees. You name it and it most likely happened. And while danger is part of the ride, Asher is quick to cite that every adventure is rooted in purpose. On his Season 1 trip, Asher joined the Atlanta-based non- profit group Mission: Hope, as it traveled to some of the most isolated regions of Nicaragua to help leaders and churches deliver sustainable transformation to their isolated villages. “These people—their stories of love and sacrifice—inspire me,” Asher says. “Their stories take your breath away. The series is my chance to share how I see the world.” It is in these pursuits that Asher admits to feeling at home—a shout back to those days of listening to his shortwave radio and dreaming of far off lands. The video series is a way to connect to “the edge of adventure” in all of us. “There comes a point in our lives where we

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