Join Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® (MADD) and schools across the country as we work together to prevent underage drinking. Below is a list of group activities you can do in your school to help teens understand the importance of waiting until they are 21 to drink alcohol and never getting into the car with someone who has been drinking. Rock the Red: Kick off Red Ribbon Week by encouraging students and staff to wear red and distribute red ribbons and red wristbands. Use the influence of your group to encourage others to participate. Turn the entire campus red by decorating classrooms, hallways and doors in red. Shout Outs: Use the Fact Sheet in this toolkit. Have a member or several members of your group, take turns shouting out facts in a busy area of the hall or common area between classes. Make sure the teachers are in on the activity so no one gets in trouble. When the area is at its peak busy time have your actor calmly shout one fact as loud and understandable as possible. When they are done, have them simply pick up their things and walk away. Then sit back and listen to your classmates chatter as they try to figure out what is going on. Plan on doing this throughout the week. #ProtectUrSelfie: Encourage students to grab a friend, or two, or three or the entire school and post a seflie via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram showing their pledge to never drink underage, never get in the car with a drinking driver and to call a parent or guardian for a ride home if they ever find themselves in a situation where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable. By posting their pics with the hashtag #ProtectUrSelfie, they can encourage their friends to take the pledge and see how many teens across the country have taken the pledge too. Student groups can also set up a #ProtectUrSelfie photo booth in the cafeteria or other highly trafficked area of the school to get students to take the #ProtectUrSelfie pledge. College Panel: Host an assembly and invite successful, alcohol free, college students to your school to talk about college life. They can provide tips and tricks that can help seniors as they plan their transition to college. Consider “planting” some questions in the audience to be sure you have some interaction and to ensure some strategic questions regarding underage drinking are asked. Showcase the fact that not everyone is doing it. Sticker Shock: Work with your local MADD office to organize a Sticker Shock activity at a local alcohol merchant. For this activity, your group would place stickers promoting zero tolerance on packages of alcohol all over the store to encourage your community to never provide alcohol to anyone under 21. MADD can provide instruction and stickers in most locations.

Invite a MADD representative to speak in an assembly and share real stories with students about how alcohol negatively affects teens.

MADD Power of You(th) : Activation Toolkit STUDENT LEADER


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