LAMC 2020 Book

So, the LAMC is turning 21. Just like many of the genres that have been championed and celebrated over these 21 years, the industry and this conference has matured and it is a pleasure to see more and more success stories being told and developed year after year. When the LAMC was first started, the battle cries (or at least the conversation points) were a bit different than what they are now. The alternative in Latin Alternative Music Conference was used in exactly the way we felt it was meant to be. Something else, something new, something different. In our case, it was to promote sounds, sights and ideas that were different to what had been dominating the Latin music scene up to then. To provide an alternative voice to talk about something different. Fast forward 21 years and it is not uncommon to see Latino chart toppers with green or pink hair and the global blurring of the lines happening more and more frequently. We have seen our original mission statement come to fruition. We thank everyone who has helped or who has tried to make a difference. It all adds up to grains of sand and before you know it, we have a lovely beach. It is exciting how many people followed us into the digital version of the LAMC and whereas we will miss seeing your faces in crowded panel rooms and shows, so many more of you can fit into the room now. After this coming of age 21st anniversary is over, we will sit back, enjoy the moment and think about what is next. What is the new “alternative” - and alternative to what exactly. We hope to continue offering encouragement, avenues and opportunities in one way or another in the years to come. In the meantime, the LAMC is 21 - legal age. Have a drink in its honor! There is a whole world out there for what may be next! Please stay safe and yes, wash your hands!


Tomas Cookman

LAMC STAFF : Tomas Cookman, Jennifer Sarkissian, Tommy Vargas, Mia Bohling, Regi Martiarena, Ulia Moreno, Cristina De La Riva, Frank Gelardin, Raul Campos, Rob Filomena, Kevin Cookman, Ethan Stupp, Sergio Pastrana, Josh Norek, Bernie Leos, Daniela Acosta, Jose Tillan, Charlie Singer, Gaston Etchechoury, Maritere Escobar, Adriana Darcy, Monica Marrufo, Daniel Velez, Luis Cardenas, Niko Michault, Agustin Lopez, Patricia Zavala, Tony Gonzalez, Ludovico Paleari.

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