Spring 2018 Generations

Improve LTSS Operations.

Enhance Member Quality of Life.

Earning accreditation helps organizations: • Improve communication between organizations coordinating care, leading to better care integration. • Become more efficient by reducing errors and duplicated services. • Provide person-centered care, leading to better care planning and monitoring. • Support contracting needs by demonstrating their readiness to be trusted partners.

Organizations that provide coordination of long-term services and supports (LTSS) play a vital role in keeping people with disabling conditions and chronic illness as healthy and independent as possible. NCQA LTSS Accreditation programs are a roadmap for delivering integrated, efficient person-centered care. They guide improvement— organizations can use the standards as a gap analysis and focus activities in areas that are most important to individuals, payers and states. Accreditation program standards are based on industry best practices and include key areas:

Measurement and quality improvement

The assessment process

Care transitions

Person-centered care planning and monitoring

If you coordinate LTSS and want to improve the services provide to members, visit ncqa.org/asa or contact 202-350-1487 .

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