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Too often, we take our hardworking knees for granted. Just imagine, the pounding they take doing over a million steps each year! Yet when problems arise, we realize just how complex these large joints are. When you have trouble performing previously simple functions like kneeling, stair climbing and bending down, it’s

time to seek help. (continued inside)

Inside: • Discover How To Make Kneeling & Bending Easy Again

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Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body



Why is knee pain so complicated, anyway? Each of your knees are not only the largest joints in your body but are comprised of two crucial connecting systems -- the first acting as a “hinge” between the thigh bone and the lower leg, and the other joining your thigh bone and kneecap. In fact, the way your knee joints are put together allows them to move in several directions in rapid succession. That means that the vast majority of functions you need to perform each day (whether it’s getting out of bed, bending down to empty the dishwasher, crouching to tie your shoe, or simply going upstairs) are only possible when your knees can perform their full range of motion. Consider just one example of the interconnected functions of the knee joint. Your patella (kneecap) is designed to glide up and down within the thigh bone groove. If even a minor injury prevents that from happening, the resulting friction causes a buildup of debris, leading to inflammation, pain and crucial loss of function. Call us today to speak with your physical therapist, or come on in for a free consultation.

PATIENT SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTS I came in with a cane and left without it! “I came to Back to Action to get therapy on my knee. I came in with a cane and left without it. I felt very good at the end of my therapy. My knees are stronger and I thank the staff for treating me very well.” - Guadalupe L.

Look inside to learn more about our programs to say goodbye to aches and pains and return to a pain-free, active lifestyle! to say that person was wrong. I had a good surgeon and incredible physical therapy. Back to Action worked me hard and some days I left saying to myself I would not go back for more but I always did. I am 70 years old and I can now stand/walk on my tip toes. I am back to going on ten mile bike rides. I am very happy with Back to Action.” - Jim S. I can now stand/walk on my tip toes! “After being told that I was too old for Achilles surgery and even if I found a surgeon, I would not heal well from it. I am here


What causes knee pain and stiffness? Because the knees’ systems consist of 3 joints, the causes of individual knee pain can vary. In some cases, knee pain occurs from the kind of repetitive motions that athletes routinely inflict on these hardworking joints. Ironically, the other extreme -- never moving very much at all -- can also lead to knee issues. Fortunately, the type of pain you feel and the activity that causes it, often reveal the underlying cause.This allows your physical therapist to evaluate the specific problem and devise the best treatment plan. For example, dull aching and swelling anywhere in your knee often indicates osteoarthritis. But a stabbing pain on the inside of your knee is a clue that a torn meniscus from injury or overuse may be the culprit. Other parts of your knee that take a beating from overuse include irritation of the tissue below your knee cap. This causes swelling and aching in the front of the knee. If ligaments actually tear (which can happen when you suddenly twist) you may feel that you can’t put weight on your legs at all. How Physical Therapy Helps. Your physical therapist’s assessment can refine or even replace more costly diagnostic tools, such as MRIs. Our trained professionals do this by determining what your knees’ current range of motion is, along with the location and nature of the pain, swelling, or stiffness you’re experiencing. These clues allow our team to create a strategy that’s geared to your specific knee problem. Hands-on care to restore ROM and decrease swelling are the keys to solving your aching knee problems. During your physical therapy sessions, you’ll begin restoring the crucial fluid circulation in your knee joints, which ensures

optimum natural joint movement. Physical therapy also builds strength in the muscles surrounding your knees, providing better long-term support for the complex joint system. If you’re concerned about costly and time-consuming surgery, injections or invasive tests, contact us today. Our expert physical therapists will help you resolve your knee pain issues, while also teaching you methods of protecting your knees in the future, to prevent further pain or injury.

Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body!

Relieve Knee Pain In 60 Seconds Try this movement if you are experiencing pain.

Loosens Knees

HAMSTRING STRETCH While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Repeat 10 times on both legs.

Minor aches and pains are warning signals from your body to let you know something is not working properly. Don’t put off the pain until it’s too late. Come in today for a “Tune-Up.”


Harlingen 956-428-8951

Del Rio 830-775-9118

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Eagle Pass 830-757-2497

PRACTICE NEWS: Keeping Our Community InMind!

Brownsville. ThestaffofBacktoAction inBrownsvilletooktimeoutfromtheirbusyschedule to volunteer and read to the children. The children were waiting to be seen by their doctor at the lobby of the Brownsville Kiddie Center. They were delighted with children’s stories and we brightened up their day. Our Patient Care Coordinator, Emily, celebrated her 6 year anniversary with BTA and we have added a new member to the team, Erika, our new part-time tech. EaglePass. EaglePassstartedoff themonthofAugustbycelebratingourveryownPatient Care Coordinator’s birthday. Happy Birthday Nohemi!! We wish you many more!! We also participated inacommunityhealth fair incelebrationofNationalHealthCentersandUnited Medical Center’s 45th anniversary. UMC hosted a big superhero theme health fair which providedourcommunitywith freehealthscreens, loadsof information, food,and fun.They had a great turn out and our superhero BTA team looked great in their superhero shirts. Last but not least, we would like to congratulate Susan, our flex PT tech and patient care coordinator a very happy 2 year work anniversary with us. Susan is a great asset to our team and really appreciate all of her hard work. Harlingen. On August 9th, Back to Action Harlingen staff and patients, donated over $150 worth of school supplies for Fill The Bus. The donated school supplies went to the Food Bank RGV’s school tools program. We would like to thank all of you that donated. In staffing news, Steve (physical therapist) celebrated ten years with the company. Joey Vasquez(physicaltherapytechnician)celebratedhis39thbirthday...again.Wealsowelcomed anewemployee,Bridget, toourcompany.Shewillbeournew technicianalthoughwehave hadher training for the frontdeskso far,asAnitawillbegoingonawelldeservedvacation. Del Rio. Del Rio employees celebrated the end of summer with our annual summer party this month on Lake Amistad. The staff enjoyed boating, tubing, and swimming at the lake and feastedonhomemadeburgers!BTAalsoparticipated inahealth fairheldby theUnited Medical Centers in which we were able to share information with both the general public and health care providers regarding the benefits of physical therapy. PhysicaltherapytechnicianAnnalicelebratedherbirthdaythismonth.HappyBirthdayAnnali!

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