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Looking Back on 2018 Celebrating Our Successes and Planning Ahead

I n divorce law, there are a lot of what I forward. The clients are the ones in the emotional trenches, pushing their way through some of their most trying times under our guidance. While I’m passionate about helping every client I take on, there are some that stick out more than others and make my routine more unique. This year, we wrapped up a case that started back in 2017, and it’s one that strikes me as special. I had a client who was in the middle of a divorce when the state removed his child from the home. Most of the time, the state is completely justified “You don’t make it nearly two decades without learning something, and I always want to share my expertise. ” would call “routine actions,” at least from a lawyer’s perspective. We file this and that, and we advise our clients on the best steps

in taking a child out of a home, but in this case, we felt the state was in the wrong. My client was a good dad, someone who was trying to provide the best life he could for his child. As a dad, it broke my heart to see another parent crying in my office as we fought to get his child back. It was a tough divorce with some events that left both my client and I confused, but I could see the passion this father had for his kid. Eventually, the court agreed and awarded the dad full custody of his son. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2018, and I’m proud to see that the state ultimately made the right decision regarding this family. Family court and juvenile cases are always tough. As a lawyer, I’ve been trained to look at each case objectively. While I’m motivated to fight for my clients, I do so with a neutral head. When talking to clients who are parents, I often level with them. I let them know that I’m talking to them as a dad and I understand some of what they are going through. It’s a delicate balance that you have to master as a divorce attorney, but it’s one I’m happy to do.

and lawyer, Ben Hutchinson, who readers can learn more about in January, and who celebrated one year of having passed the bar exam. As I write this, we’re on pace to exceed the number of clients we had last year, and while we’re not saying we’re thrilled about divorce, we’re just happy to see clients trust us enough to recommend us. As we look ahead, we have a few goals we want to nail down and accomplish. With 18 years of lawyering under my belt, I’m hoping to begin writing books to guide clients and readers through their divorces. You don’t make it nearly two decades without learning something, and I always want to share my expertise. Whether it’s helping a dad get his son back or one of our more routine cases, we’re happy to keep helping people find

peace during a difficult time. If you want help, don’t be afraid to ask for it in 2019. We’re here to fight for you.

With regard to the rest of 2018, I’m proud of the work our team has put in. We hired a new paralegal

-Kevin Jensen



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