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Flexo Market News

Allison Systems ( Cont’d from Page 7)


ternative blade choices to achieve their goals. The company also remains committed to researching new materials that will help achieve the demands of today’s printing requirements.“We are now in differ- ent stages of evaluation of two materials which we believe will offer enhanced performance for doctor- ing applications,” said Warner. “Testing and feedback of one of the materials looks very promising and should be available to our customers soon.” After a long and storied history, the company simulta- neously honors its past while also keeping its sights set on the future.Tom Allison Jr. passed away in 2012 and his wife Eve Allison has been leading the company as President ever since.As the flexo industry continues to advance, Allison Systems plans to remain poised to aid its customers as many enter uncharted waters. Anticipating its continued growth, Allison Systems is currently planning a facility expansion project that will provide an approximate 60 percent increase to its operation.The added space is needed so the com- pany can install additional equipment allowing Alli- son Systems to add further product lines to its already expansive portfolio. It will also allow the company to further improve the quality of its exist- ing products. The expanded space promises, as well, to provide workflow efficiencies that will enhance customer service and support. “I foresee continuing improvement in the flexo- graphic process, which will lead to increased press speeds, improved quality, and less press downtime,” Warner said. “As changes evolve in the process, the doctor blade will likely need to also evolve to accom- modate demands for better performance.” Transcontinental Acquires Multifilm Packaging Corp. Transcontinental Inc. has acquired Multifilm Packag- ing Corporation, a flexible packaging supplier locat- ed in Elgin, Illinois, employing more than 70 people. The company produces candy and chocolate packag- ing verticals in North America, and specializes in piece-wraps and high-barrier laminates for the con- fectionery, snacks and dry foods markets. Multifilm Packaging Corporation has been owned since 2008 by four owner-managers who will all re- main with Transcontinental. This is Transcontinental’s sixth flexible packaging acquisition since entering the industry in 2014. Today, the packaging division has close to 1,000 em- ployees and its North American platform comprises seven production plants and one premedia studio.

Eaglewood Technologies, LLC

Eaglewood Technologies is the Anilox Roll Cleaning Ex- pert! We are the creators of Laserlox™ Systems, Sanilox™ Systems and Sani-Blast™ Mobile Service. Laserlox™ and Laserlox™ Flexi are the latest technology in anilox roll cleaning. Sanilox™ Systems are the global standard of reli- able, environmentally safe anilox roll cleaning. Sani-Blast™ cleaning service has been cleaning rolls for over 20 years and offers several cleaning options to minimize downtime. Flint Group Flexographic Products develops, manufactur- ers and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consum- ables, including: nyloflex® photopolymer printing plates and processing equipment, and dayCorr® die-cutting blankets and anvil covers. With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world. Flint Group

Harper Corporation of America

We’ve made ceramic anilox rolls longer than anyone in the world and pride ourselves on being the best in the world. Whether wide web, narrow web, newspaper, or cor- rugated markets, Harper continuously strives to bring new flexographic products and services to the printing industry that will improve the quality of your graphics.

J I MacWilliam Co., Inc.

Used equipment for flexible packaging, folding carton, paper, film, foil and non-woven industries. Professional, knowledgeable service for more than 30 years.

KBA-Flexotecnica – Get the Edge

Flexotecnica’s patented Safe Sleeve Change® system and Speedy Clean® auto washup system are designed to give converters a competitive edge through Flexotecnica’s commitment to research and development. Sales, service and support for Flexotecnica presses is provided by KBA North America, Inc. in Dallas, Texas with U.S. resident technicians, an extensive spare parts inventory and an ex- perienced, dedicated service staff. Mark Andy, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of nar- row and mid-web printing and converting equipment. The company has a rich history of delivering solutions to in- crease productivity and profitability for the label and pack- aging markets. The company supplies leading global brands including Comco printing/converting machinery, Mark Andy printing/converting machinery and UVTechnolo- gy curing systems and replacement parts. Mark Andy, Inc. is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with sales and dis- tribution offices in France, Switzerland, and the UK. Mark Andy, Inc.

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