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various forms of plastic, composite, and steel materi- als.As a result, we offer one of the largest varieties of materials for doctor blades so that our customers can benefit from the properties of the material that is best suited for their application and goals.” The f lexo industry continues to grow, with the steady and continual introduction of new technolo- gies and advancements.Warner believes the key to Al- lison Systems continued success lies in accurately identifying the challenges its customers are facing and helping them unlock new opportunities.

The SCIENCE of flexo rollers and sleeves Skilled flexo printers know any variation in temperature, humidity, substrates and a host of other conditions will affect the quality of their work. Cleanliness of lines, accuracy of colors and softness of shades can make or break a job. But if you want to maximize profits, you need to optimize uptime, speed and quality. The anilox rollers and sleeves in your presses are only as good as the science behind them— the technology of precision . ARC rollers and sleeves are built to exacting OEM dimensions, with cell geometries engineered for efficient ink usage and precise volumes. Contact ARC today or visit our website to learn more about what the science of flexography from ARC International can do to enhance your graphics.

The Allison team with the company’s specialty gravure doctor blade systems in 1987.

“As flexography continues to advance, challenges continue to develop,” said Warner. “Inks and anilox rolls are constantly changing and generally becoming more abrasive to the doctor blade. Advancements in press speeds are also contributing to blade wear. The demands for better print quality necessitates that the doctor blade perform better and more consistently.An ongoing challenge that is always being addressed is minimizing press down time. Improper application of the doctor blade is often the cause for early doctor blade failure leading to press down time.While train- ing will help establish standard operating procedures so that the doctor blade is applied properly, choosing the best blade for the application is also necessary. Stopping a press to change the doctor blade will cost significantly more than the price of the blade itself. When this is understood, the additional cost for an up- graded doctor blade is easily justifiable. Long life blades are recommended in high abrasive applications or any application where they will help avoid inter- rupting the press run because of doctor blade issues.” Allison Systems works with its customers to evalu- ate their current blade setup and help determine al-

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HV Extended Cell

HG 60° Cell

ARC International .com The ARC hitects of Flexo ARC East: Charlotte, NC ARC West: Las Vegas, NV 800-526-4569

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