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JUNE 2020


I n my family, summer always brings back memories of cookouts with hamburgers and hot dogs. But what we really look forward to is a chance to bring out our family’s homemade ice cream recipe. It’s been passed down through the generations from my great-grandmother, and it’s become a family tradition to make it at least once or twice over the summer. We usually save it for special occasions like Father’s Day or the Fourth of July, but sometimes we’d make it just to top off a family cookout. Even though it’s been in the family for a while, we’re not sure where it originally came from. I know that my great- grandmother gave it to my grandmother, who gave it to my mom, and now we have it. We’ve never known if it was something my great-grandmother made or if someone handed it down to her. What we do know is that it’s the perfect way to top off a summer meal. As a kid, I’d help wherever I could when the family wanted to make our ice cream. Sometimes I’d be helping my dad, my granddad, or my grandmother.

with more than one person on the job, and luckily, my grandmother was happy to help me out. Truth be told, I think she did most of the work while I mixed it, so it’s thanks to her that my first batch came out alright. The recipe itself is pretty easy. The ingredients are something anyone can go to the grocery store and pick up, but the biggest thing is that we always use real cream. I know a few family members who tried to make it without real cream, and it didn’t taste the same. The hardest part of the whole process is turning it. My family has always turned it the traditional way and added the cream, eggs, salt, and ice into the mix by hand. We prefer to use the White Mountain Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker. Those have been around for over 100 years, and we’ve never used anything else. There’s a lot of different types of ice cream makers out there now, but there’s nothing like using the old-school Mountain. It’s the only way to go. In the more recent years, I’ve made the ice cream quite a few times with my own kids. They always like tossing in the ingredients and reaping the reward after it’s finished. It brings back a lot of great memories from when I was younger, sitting outside in the hot sun and enjoying a cool dessert. This summer, we’re looking forward to getting out the Mountain and making up a few batches, no matter what things may look like. Even if the state of the world is still uncertain and everything else comes to a halt, my family and I are going to enjoy the little things in life, like making our family recipe and having some ice cream. -Dr. Steven Schulte


Mostly, I would just add the ingredients when they told me to, but whatever my job was, I remember always having a great time.


I was probably 13 when I made it on my own for the first time with a little help frommy grandmother. Even though it’s not a difficult recipe, it’s usually easier

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