E&P Information Management Role, MandateFunction, and Proc…

E&P Information Management Mandate, Role, Functions and Processes

Role The role of this team entails - Providing the required integrated E&P database service, systems, E&P technology solutions and support to users. - Assisting Management to set strategies for the corporate E&P information management vision. - Provide Data Acquisition, Data Management, Data Storage, Information Transformation and Delivery Services related to all E&P corporate data across the Company’s core business areas. Mandate The E&P IM team is the custodian of all corporate E&P Data and Information, which includes the people, processes, and technologies dedicated to gathering, managing, disseminating, leveraging, and the disposal of all information assets. (This includes necessary physical data management, and data transformations to information, information transformations to knowledge, and ultimately to company wisdom, with E&P Convergence being the goal).

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