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While most folks are focused on the lead-up to Thanksgiving, I’m thinking about another November holiday: Veterans Day. It’s something that hits close to home both personally and professionally. My grandfather and my father-in- law were both in the service, and I’ve worked with many veterans and active-duty military members over the years at our clinics. It’s an honor to work with those who’ve served. We are grateful to you for protecting and defending our country. My grandfather Ralph turned 92 this year. He was in the army during World War II. He doesn’t talk a lot about his experience, but I know it’s had a big impact on his life. He served in the Philippines during WWII and saw some pretty traumatic things. I know it was hard on him. After the war,

he went into the Army Reserve and served there until he retired. As a kid, I noticed he was gone from time to time, but I didn’t have a good sense of what he was doing for our country. The only reminder of his service was a sign hanging in his garage that listed his rank. He didn’t display any of his medals or his uniform, and he didn’t talk a whole lot about the war. But I know he was brave, and I am very thankful for his service. My father-in-law, Einar, was in the Navy for his entire career. He spent a lot of that time on a submarine. He even went to Antarctica on a salvage mission. Because of Einar’s career, my wife spent a lot of her childhood on military bases. It was always part of her upbringing, growing up in that culture. Like my grandfather, Einar kept his

civilian life separate from his military life, and he didn’t bring work home a whole lot. We’re grateful for his service. It’s been a pleasure to work with veterans over the years, some of whom were injured in combat. We’re here to help them have a smoother transition back to civilian life and into retirement. As with all of our patients, we individualize treatment plans to our veterans’ needs, whether that’s rehabilitation from an old injury or getting back into an exercise routine. What I’ve noticed working with folks who’ve spent time in the military is that they are really good about following through. Discipline is a big part of their training, and it’s something we see veterans bring to every aspect of their lives, including physical therapy. Our veterans are very motivated and cooperative about their PT treatment, and it makes working with them enjoyable. It challenges me to find ways to get them back to doing what they love, so they can have a productive and enjoyable civilian life. With our active-duty patients, we’re focused on getting them back to job-readiness so they can continue their duties in the service. This month, Veterans Day is a reminder to give thanks to the people who have given part of themselves for our country. To all of our veterans, thank you for your service. It’s an honor to serve you in our small way. We’re thinking of you this month. –Sean Weatherston

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