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JUNE 2017



Hello, hope your spring is going well as we near summer season (yes!). I am looking forward to sharing a wonderful 2017 with you.

You are holding in your hand the first edition of our monthly newsletter. Each exciting newsletter will contain helpful information, as well as tips and tricks to reduce pain and eliminate the need for medications, injections, or risky surgeries. Additionally, these newsletters are designed to allow you to take a short break in your day, relax, and stay connected with us. You have made an impact on me and my team’s lives more than you know. I hope to return the favor. We have monthly raffle events where our clients or past clients can win fun prizes. Show your support by wearing your Borja PT T-shirt and be entered for a chance to win. One lucky winner is drawn on the first of each month! After launching this event in April, we drew the first winner on May 1.

We don’t need to remind you, but we will: Summer is beach season and pool season. Generally, it’s a great time to get into better shape, especially if the outdoors call to youmore than the fluorescent lighting and jumbo TVs at your neighborhood gym. For every opportunity to get more exercise, there are just as many opportunities to gorge yourself on burgers, ice cream, and sodium-laced barbecue. You can exercise all you want, but weight loss and better health starts in the kitchen. It’s one of those eternal certainties, like death and taxes. We aren’t here to prescribe any special hypnosis or miracle pill —after all, anything too good to be true probably isn’t. Instead, here are 10 ways to trick your body into eating less without noticing. Use smaller plates. When you sat at the table as a child, your parents required only one thing of you: Clear your plate. Your mind has been trained to see a full plate as a full meal. Invest in a smaller plate and load‘er up! Otherwise, you’re doomed to suffer the fate of what Cornell University professors call“The Large Plate Mistake.” Cut it down by 20 percent. Don’t expect to skip a meal or switch to a juice diet without your mind noticing. But some things can get by that clever brain of yours. In BrianWansink’s brilliant book“Mindless Eating: WhyWe Eat More ThanWe Think,”he concludes that the margin you can cut mindlessly is 20 percent. Better yet, try replacing it by eating 20 percent more vegetables. Use taller glasses. Remember that optical illusion they showed you in grade school? The one with two lines equal in length, one vertical and one horizontal? The vertical line looks longer than the horizontal line. Likewise, taller, skinnier glasses appear to have more liquid than shorter glasses andmugs. Eat threemeals a day. You probably thought starving yourself and skipping dinner was the answer! Not so. As we mentioned before, that’s a great way to get your brain to freak out and crave obscene amounts of food. Another theory states that you should eat many small

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