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MAY 2020

The Power of the Right People Meet 3 of Our IT Staff Members

other IT companies providing support, but what stands out to him about Broadleaf is our focus is on determining the root cause of an issue, as well as our adherence to best practice guidelines that ensure users' optimal experience. One thing Andy says is important about IT is keeping a close eye on your cloud services. When available, utilizing cloud-based services rather than a local installation can be a powerful tool. Cloud software options offer a lot of flexibility and eliminate the need for on- site hardware and can simplify licensing. However, he stresses that even the most established cloud-based applications require in-depth configuration to ensure the tool is operating optimally. For instance, with Office 365, we review trends we see in the issues our customers face with Microsoft to optimize their experience. After reviewing those issues and talking with our service partners, we update our best practices guide to ensure a consistent and reliable customer experience. Ty has been in the IT industry for over 25 years. During his career, Ty has had a variety of valuable experiences. These range from help desk support to server and network engineering. Ty has taken a lot of the practices used by companies that provided the most consistent support experience for the end users and adapted them for the customers of Broadleaf. One thing he stresses with his engineers, which sets his team apart from others, is the importance of defining the issue. Problems can be fixed in several ways,

If you’ve read our previous newsletters, then you know we’ve talked a lot about the various facets of information technology (IT) and security. This month, we wanted to highlight three of our employees who handle your IT needs. Meet Mike, Andy, and Ty. Mike oversees the help desk and has been with Broadleaf his entire career. He frequently works at users’ sites, providing support from desktop to networking. In addition to working directly with customers, our team of help desk engineers handles a large portion of our customers’ requests. Mike works closely with the help desk engineers to ensure they have the resources to quickly assist our customers when they call. The fantastic thing about our help desk is that we have carefully curated documentation from every issue we have tackled. With this library of information, our engineers can rapidly fix most of the problems our clients encounter with consistent, vetted solutions. This comes in handy, especially with new clients. Often, when we take on a new client, their systems aren’t configured correctly. We work quickly to stabilize those environments by implementing our best practice guides and work to document standard operating procedures that are unique to that client. Andy oversees the systems engineering team at Broadleaf Services. He ensures client systems — such as central authentication, firewalls, patching, antivirus, email services, and more — are set up and configured within Broadleaf’s best practices. Andy has worked for

but if you don’t truly understand the underlying issue, then it can take longer to fix and will probably reoccur. The worst-case scenario in these situations is that the company learns to live with it. For Ty, this is a failure. Instead, he spends a lot of time looking over the current and past IT issues Broadleaf has worked on, and he’s always looking to ensure this key principle is followed. It’s important to stress again that Ty's team works closely with our technology partners to define best practices and manage issues. Broadleaf recognizes that the technology landscape can change quickly, and one of our most powerful tools is our relationship with partners. In turn, they develop best practice documents so they can provide a consistent experience for our client’s environments. This interaction is critical to ensuring our customers have the best experience with their IT infrastructure. Mike, Andy, and Ty are just three of the many qualified and experienced IT staff members at Broadleaf. Whatever your IT issues are, know that our experienced IT specialists are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your current IT structure, then don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel free to call us anytime at 866-337-7733 or visit our website at

–Chuck Mosca



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