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January 2018


Another thing I’ve realized over the years is, to reach your true potential, you need to surround yourself with others striving to do the same. When you’re enmeshed in a community of positive, successful individuals, it’s much easier to find the motivation to drive your own growth and development. And in that same vein, you should try to be the positive force for those around you, wherever you are. Encourage drive and passion in everyone you meet. And if you’re in doubt, have heart. With the right attitude and a healthy dose of determination, dreams really can come true, no matter who you are. Regardless of what your goals are for this coming year, know that you have my full support and encouragement. New Year’s is one of my favorite moments because everybody gets excited to transform their lives. It’s important that we work toward bettering ourselves and the world around us. Every positive change you’re able to implement in your life will radiate and spread to those around you. It might seem difficult at times, but don’t give up. Trust yourself, and stay on the right track.

Happy New Year to all of my amazing patients! We closed 2017 with a bang, and it was one of the most successful years in the history of Alborzi Orthodontics. I know that we couldn’t do it without each of you supporting us and entrusting us with your beautiful smiles. Hopefully, you’re starting out the year on a positive note, with a straighter, healthier, and more gorgeous smile than ever! As we move into 2018, everybody’s setting their goals and striving to make this their best year ever, both personally and professionally. With that in mind, I’d like to share some advice that has helped me steadily improve to become the most fulfilled version of myself. First, dieting reaches an all-time high in the month of January as everybody rushes to find a quick solution that will fix all their health problems. But the fact is fad diets fail

far more often than they succeed. Though the standard American diet certainly has its problems, it’s best to implement changes that you can maintain for the rest of your life. To that end, I recommend checking out “The End of Dieting” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a great resource that might empower you to transform your health naturally. It’ll equip you with everything you need to know about basic nutrition so you can guide your health journey without the need for complicated, stringent diets or outlandish treatments. This

Thank you, and a happy, healthy, empowering 2018 to you all!

approach has certainly helped me preserve my health and youth. I’m much older than you might think! I’ve been in practice for over 23 years, after all.

–Dr. Alexa Alborzi

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