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: A look at Old South homes and the people that live in them ... by Louise Daw

In this house

To advertise here, please contact Cathy@villagerpublications.com Woodward has offered a lot to this community. When he was first introduced to yoga way back in 1974, he would never have imagined having a line up of people at the Tecumseh Community school programs wanting to attend his yoga and meditation classes. In fact, he had 180 registered people for his 5 classes that he teaches. During the summer, Woodward offers his classes outdoors in the best green space of Old South in Wortley Village, by the YMCA. There are so many interesting people in Old South with some pretty interesting stories. My neighbour Dan Woodward is one them. We met for coffee at the Black Walnut and ended up spending a fewhours chatting. You think you knowyour neighbour and then you learn so much more. You also probably “know” Dan from his contribution to the Old South community though his yoga teaching. He is a bit of an enigma in the community. “Dan Meditation”, at least on Facebook, arrived at this name quite by accident. When he was in yoga teacher training at the Yoga Shack, it was suggested that everyone communicate through Facebook. Reluctantly he signed up with the first name that came to mind. It stuck. Woodward has lived in Old South since 1991 in a small home but he says “for a small house its a big home. It isn’t so much about the house as it is the community”. He had 3 children who grew up there and his in-laws lived in a granny flat in the basement. “The large window at the front of our house is perfect for watching the world go by - kids walking to school, people walking or running by provides a window of the great streetscape. My front porch is ideal for reading, socializing and getting to know my neighbours”, explains Woodward. After his children left home they all landed in homes in Old South. We take our community for granted because it’s all here.

I’m sure you have all strolled by and seen the scene on the green with legs and arms in the air. It’s Woodward spreading his love of the practice. For the past eight years Woodward has offered an opportunity for anyone to try yoga. His philosophy of giving back to the community by offering these free classes over the years has had people donate thousands of pounds of food and dollars for the London Food Bank. “If you do yoga the world becomes a better place.”, states Woodward. His summer outdoor practice takes place every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. See you on the mat. To follow Dan “Meditation go to his Facebook page at: Dan Meditation Louise Daw is a local London Realtor follow her at: Instagram: louisetherealtor Facebook: Louise Daw Real Estate Twitter: @ LouiseADaw Web: louisedaw.com

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