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13 Years of Olivia Brandon Yost Remembers the Day His Eldest Daughter Was Born

Thirteen years ago, my wife, JoDee, and I were living in Indiana as we anxiously awaited the arrival of our first child. One Friday in late April, we both left for work thinking it was going to be a normal day. It was actually JoDee’s due date, but, as is common with first-time mothers, we figured we’d be waiting on the baby for a few more days. At the time, I worked for a pool cover manufacturer, and I was anticipating a busy day. Sure enough, business picked up, and when I was at my busiest, I was

for her, but as someone who despises the smell of puke, I had to stand as far away as I could to avoid throwing up my own lunch. At this point, JoDee’s contractions were rapid, and by the time we made it out the door, we had to stop every 10 steps for another contraction. Even worse, the hospital was 40 minutes away from our apartment. “We’re never going to make it,” I remember thinking, as sweat began to pool. Finally, we made it to the hospital, and by then, JoDee’s labor had slowed. Within the next hour, Olivia was born — but another hurdle came with

to that point had felt so harrowing and amazing that we didn’t want to let go.

I remember that first night Olivia woke up frequently, so I would pick her up and lay on the makeshift bed the hospital staff had made for me. Within a matter of hours, I had gone from working to lying next to my 6-pound newborn daughter, caught up in complete amazement. I’ve loved being a dad ever since. Thirteen years and three more kids later, Olivia has grown from a 6-pound baby to a bubbly, happy girl. She’s a wonderful big sister, never failing to make each of her siblings’ birthdays a special occasion with decorations and cards. This spring, she has a part in her school play, and since she loves theatre and drama, we’re going to take her to different plays this spring and summer. In fact, this July, since Olivia and JoDee will sing with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras in New York City, we’re going to a show on Broadway too. After entering this world in a storm, Olivia never ceases to amaze us. We can’t wait to see what the next 13 years have in store for the little girl who made us parents. Happy birthday, Olivia!

alerted that I had a phone call. (We were poor college students at the time; cell phones weren’t on the budget.) On the other end of the

it. By the time Olivia’s umbilical cord had been cut, we still hadn’t heard our sweet girl cry. Time seemed to crawl as we waited. Because I could see what was happening, I tried to reassure my wife that everything was fine. My facade appeared brave,

line was JoDee, explaining that she was going home to nap through some discomfort.

but on the inside, I was panicking and praying.

Within hours, we would discover why she felt that way.

Finally, thanks to a vaseline trick, Olivia was irritated enough to cry. To this day, it’s one of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard. We were typical first-time parents, and we never wanted to be away from Olivia. We didn’t even want her going to the nursery! At the time, we didn’t live near any family, so we weren’t fighting for her attention. But getting

About an hour after that first call and still in the middle of a busy workday, I received another phone call. This time, JoDee wasn’t just feeling uncomfortable; her water had broke. Without hesitation, I raced home, ran the 150 yards from the parking lot to our apartment, and burst through the door to see JoDee throwing up. In an attempt to be the good husband, I held a bucket

-Brandon Yost



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