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My Daughter Gets Married

What a memorable day it was on Sept. 2. Susan and I celebrated with family and friends as my daughter, Marissa, married her life partner and best friend, Bryan. The ceremony and reception was held on a beautiful 20-acre private ranch nestled in the countryside near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It was an appropriate venue for their wedding especially because they went horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park for their first date. Friends and family came long distances (even some from Germany and Switzerland!) to witness the marriage and celebrate with us. It started raining a half hour before the

outdoor ceremony, but we lucked out — It stopped raining in time for the ceremony and reception. They had been engaged for a year and a half, so the planning for this wedding was a long time coming ... and not without some bumps along the way. Sometimes the stress we experienced while planning

a certified health coach and will be assisting us in teaching our practice members better eating habits to enjoy better health! She even has developed a course on “mindful eating,” which she will be presenting sometime in the future. We have a couple of free seminars coming up for you to attend. We offer these as a community service because I feel

wasn’t much fun, but the celebration was amazing and one we will never forget. All that preparation ... and then the five- hour wedding and

compelled to get this information to as many people as possible to counter all the brainwashing about medications in the

celebration reception went by way too fast! It definitely counts as one of the greatest days of our lives because it was tremendous to see our

Bryan and Marissa

media. Please see the flier enclosed for all the details, and sign up to hear the latest information to keep your health from going into a downward spiral.

daughter so happy and in love — it’s a time we will never forget! The few days off for the celebration reinvigorated us to get back to saving people from their downward health spirals. Helping people change their lifestyles to get their health back is our main focus. When we got back, we welcomed a new member of our team, Diana. She will be the first voice you hear and the first face you see when you call or enter our office. We are especially excited to have her join us as she is

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the office soon so you can maintain your health and

keep your nervous system free from physical, chemical,

and emotional interferences!

Dr. Alff and his daughter Marissa

–Dr. Steven Alff, D.C.

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