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August 2019

The Automated Chief Financial Officer

The Profit Beacon

The stark reality is that very few business owners had any financial management experience before they started their companies. Maybe they had a certain skill set and thought it would be better to work for themselves than to help someone else deliver that same product or service. Or maybe they had a good idea they could develop and sell to customers who were hungry for a solution to a particular problem. Either way, they are basically technicians and not finance-oriented. In fact, they usually loathe the numbers. However, without an ability to plan with some level of financial accuracy, business owners are at risk of making a fatal decision at any moment, and they may not know it until it’s too late to do much about it. That’s why the failure rate for small companies is so high: 30% fail in their first 24 months, 50% within five years, and 67% in 10 years! And more specifically, 82% of business failures are due to poor cash management. Fortunately, operational performance and cash management can be improved significantly with the right tools and a little discipline. A mistake most business owners make is assuming their internal staff or outside CPAs will warn them of a financial problem in advance. Don’t fall into this trap. Most small-business CPAs and accountants are largely focused on compliance-related activities, such as accounting services, payroll services and tax payments, and tax planning or filing returns. They are not focused on the operational functions in the business, and they rarely look at the financials in that way.

The Profit Beacon™ is the solution. It’s an automated chief financial officer that gives the business owner (and their staff) the clarity they need to make

better decisions much faster. It’s easy to use and very affordable. Users have been able to create a new account, set up a new company, load data from QuickBooks®, and generate very sophisticated two-year monthly P&L and weekly cash flow forecasts in just eight minutes!

and have the ability to identify the actions required to manage those problems? It’s invaluable. The Profit Beacon™ provides that predictive capability in easy-to-read reports and dashboards. Just think about what it would take to manage a manual process for creating the reports and charts for various operating options. You need to determine the right decision(s) to make. Believe me, creating an efficient process to do this is an undertaking. The Profit Beacon™ is the tool that provides the visibility to ensure the best possible outcomes in a fraction of the time. You can try it out at no cost to you. Just visit

The live support onboarding process gets you up and running in less than an hour with a thorough knowledge of the navigational and functional features of the software. You will then be in a position to manage the various aspects of your company’s operations in a more targeted and effective way. You’ll actually “see” what’s coming. You can answer just a few questions about your company’s current operations and any changes you expect at different points in time and quickly create multiple forecasts depicting the outcomes for various decision paths. By comparing the results, you will be clear about your targets and the ultimate results of any action or strategy before you invest the time or money to execute.

–Fred Parrish, Founder & CEO

The Profit Experts

How comforting would it be to predict when you will have cash flow problems



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