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Improving Your Health & Fitness

- National Osteoporosis Foundation “ Like your muscles, your bones get stronger when you make them work. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are important for building bones and keeping them strong. ” Whether you are an active runner or just your average Joe, your balance systems are used thousands of times a day. How well tuned they are, dictates whether your muscles have to work too hard to do ordinary tasks or whether you can adapt to the strains of running, jumping and more. Most of the common declines in balance we experience are not noticed until they are quite severe. Use it or lose it The wonderful thing about your balance system is that you can always improve it. Whether you want to get rid of ordinary aches and pains, or are a high level athlete, focusing on proper balance and postural exercises can make a dramatic difference in your overall health and function. The experts in balance Whether you need help with back pain, neck pain, headaches, knee pain or dizziness, our physical therapists will address your balance systems. By testing what systems you are using, we can determine where there is a weakness and then provide comprehensive treatments that will fix the problem. To learn more about how we can help you balance and move freely without pain, call us today.


Meet Our Experienced Team Of Experts

Christine Schultz CHHC, FMP

Christine has been practicing nutritional therapy for over 12 years. She began her career as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor in 2005 when she opened her practice as a single practitioner. She earned her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where she had the benefit of training classes under some well renowned doctors such as Dr. Oz, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil to name a few. She went on to further her education from the School of Natural Health Sciences where she is working toward her Advanced Degree as a Holistic Practitioner with a Board Certification in Holistic Health through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She joined Advanced Wellness, a multidiscipline practice founded by Dr. Joseph J. Cilea, in 2010 where she counsels many patients on nutrition and functional medicine, educating patients that through a system of proper lab diagnostics, dietary and lifestyle changes along with nutraceutical supplementation, patients can uncover the root cause of their health issues and live their best and healthiest life possible. She also holds a certification in supplementation through Xymogen nutraceuticals.

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“5 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Balance.”

1. Increase your leg strength. Do wall sits, knee extensions, toe raises, hip side- lifts and more. Speak with one of our professionals for how to perform these exercises correctly. 2. Improve your patella (kneecap) tracking. Your patella needs to stay in its groove in the middle and slide up and down easily when you bend your knee. If there are tight structures, they will unevenly pull the kneecap to the outside which can cause pain. With your knee straight and the leg supported, glide your kneecap toward the inside of the knee to stretch those structures and help center the gliding. Most patellofemoral pain comes from poor patella tracking and a physical therapist is the expert to diagnose and treat this problem. 3. Maintain and improve flexibility. With running and exercising it is very common for the powerful muscles in the leg to

become tighter. For example, the hamstring and outer tissues of the leg (iliotibial or “IT” band) can become very tight, altering the mechanics of the knee causing pain. Stretch after every time you run and do adequate warm ups prior. Try integrating yoga and stretching into your routines. 4. Improve your balance and coordination. Do balance exercises to build up your proprioception (sense of balance position). Exercises such as standing on one leg with and without eyes closed are important. Don’t forget to make sure you setup for safety when performing balance exercises by having a steady surface nearby to hold onto when needed. 5. Improve your agility. Many casual runners, simply run, but do not perform other types of important exercises such as strengthening, balance and agility training. Mix up your workouts to include these other types of exercises.

Patient Success Spotlight

“Before coming to Advanced Wellness, I was a hot mess. My cholesterol was high, I was pre-diabetic, had low energy and felt as though I was gaining belly fat by the pound on a weekly basis. I tried pre made food diets, cleanses, and even signed on for extra personal training sessions at the gym. Nothing was working. It wasn’t until I received an ad in the mail to call in for a free weight loss consultation. The office ordered some diagnostics tests I had never had before and found out exactly what my body was missing in nutrients. They put together a program for me that was easy to follow, with real food and even allows for a treat meal weekly. After 6 months my labs were normal and I lost 35 pounds. I thought I knew a lot about dieting and nutrition. Now I can say I do!” – Tammy G., Age 48, Manalapan, NJ I thought I knew a lot about dieting and nutrition. Now I can say I do!

Don’t Guess, Test

Our Functional Medicine Program is a comprehensive program that utilizes specific lab tests including blood, saliva, nutrient and food sensitivity to determine a person’s true health, rather than traditional medicine which uses baseline testing and compares the results to the “norm” of the population. Our testing can identify deficiencies within the body that are not found on standard blood work. This program is ideal for those who suffer from diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal diseases, autoimmune disorders or hormonal imbalances. Our proven system of advanced diagnostics coupled with our life changing educational curriculum empowers our patients to understand how to live a healthy life. We are able to reverse and prevent many diseases, improve overall health, reduce or eliminate prescription medicine intake, support weight loss, and restore their body back to proper function naturally. Rather than “treat” the symptoms, we get to the root cause of the condition and provide patients with the necessary protocol to help them feel better and live the life they deserve.

Take Care of Your Aches and Pains Before It’s Too Late.

DON’T WEIGHT! RESOLVE TO MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE FOR 2017! Put an end to yo-yo dieting, counting calories, quick fixes and deprivation!

In just 12 weeks you can lose up to 40 pounds, improve your health conditions, have more energy, eat real food and feel amazing. Call Advanced Wellness today to hear more about our medically supervised weight loss program that delivers incredible results that last.

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