Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 02

Employee Review Season is Here by Susan Larson, Payroll Manager

Along with spring, comes preparation for our annual employee performance appraisals. In April of each year our office prepares the basic information needed for supervisors to complete their respective employee’s reviews. Once we have distributed our information, your supervisor has until the first of July to complete the reviews and sit down with each employee to discuss the results. Our review period covers from April 1st of the prior calendar year thru March 31st of the current year. Examples of some areas touched upon for the review are Quality of Work, Job Knowledge, Communication and Initiative. Other factors considered outside of the job criteria scor- ing are employee awards (ex. Quality hero), attendance and discipline issues. The review format is based on a scoring system from 1 (unsatisfactory) thru 5 (top performer) and includes 10 areas to be rated. Total score is cal- culated, divided by 10 and then rounded down to the nearest whole or half (.5) score. Historically the across the board/incentive increases that employees receive at the beginning of the fiscal year are attached to the score that is received on the performance appraisal. Last years’ wage incentives ranged from 0 to 5%. Temporary employees are not included in this annual review process but have historically received a pay in- crease at the beginning of the fiscal year. If you have questions regarding the review process please stop by the Payroll office or call me at ext. 235. Ogle County Board Democrat by Lloyd Droege (Ingredient Production A)

It is said that all politics are local which when one thinks about that, you realize that what happens in local government affects you more on a daily basis than what hap- pens at the state and federal level. I would like to discuss the structure of government at the county level. Ogle County is divided into eight districts with three representatives per district on the county board. That makes for a total of twenty-four that comprise the Ogle County board. Each district is comprised of several precincts. For example, my district has five precincts – 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7.

To facilitate the business of the county, there are twelve committees which meet monthly during the day, a week before the county board meeting for that month. The committees are: Personnel & Salary; Road & Bridge; Judiciary & Circuit Clerk; County IT; Supervisor of Assessments – Planning & Zoning; HEW (Health, Education & Wel- fare), Solid Waste & Veterans; County Facilities; County Security; State’s Attorney – Court Service – FOCUS House; Long Range & Strategic Planning; Finance & Insurance; Executive. These committees are comprised of five to seven members from the county board and each committee has a chairman. For instance, I am on three commit- tees: Road & Bridge; Judiciary & Circuit Clerk and HEW Solid Waste & Veterans. These committees take care of the business in their perspective area and the chairman brings up that business (payment of bills, etc.) which they discussed and approved at the committee level for approval in front of the full membership of the county board. So one can see there is a lot going on at the county level of government which reminds us that what happens locally affects us all.

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