Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 02

laps with his friend. Dan already has plan for more events in 2019, some of which will include his sons. Good luck!

Jared Stumpenhorst (Maintenance Manager), Dan’s son, is also actively running and tells us: “I actually have never run a formal marathon. I wish that I could say that I have been running marathons for years, but the only real long distance race that I have ever done was the 50 mile trail run that I did last April. During our training we did run distances up to that of a marathon though. Prior to the experience of training for, and doing that race, I never re- ally had an interest in doing any sort of long distance running. In fact, I regularly would tell people doing long distances that I thought they were crazy. However, my dad has been doing long distance running for quite some time and I was able to see him complete his first 50 mile run the year prior. That experience of seeing my dad ac- complish something like that is really what motivated me to want to try it. “I do hope to participate in more in the future. I had planned on doing the 50 again this year, but did not have the time to put in the training that is required. Hopefully sometime late in the summer or fall I will be able to get in an- other 30 or 50 mile run! The location where we ran the 50 miler was in Pekin, Illinois, at the Potawatomi Trail. It is basically a hiking trail that has a LOT of elevation changes throughout the run. It is set up as 10 mile loops. Other than just completing the run, the really special thing about the race was that I was able to complete it with my Dad (61 years old!) and my brother Josh. We ran nearly the entire race together and were able to cross the finish line arms linked together (mainly because we could barely walk at that point!). It was a very special experience and one that I will cherish for many years to come.” When I was able to catch up with Matthias Kemmeren (Maintenance Floor Manager), who was literally on the run, I was able to glean a little information on why he enjoys running and participating in events.

“I have been running since I participated in the Crest Foods sponsored weight loss contest back over the winter of 2010 and 2011. I lost about 25 pounds at that time and then continued to lose more for a total weight loss of about 40 pounds. I found that the weight loss gave me the motivation to run to maintain the weight loss. I participate in several 5K’s during the year, my favorite of which is the Reagan Run in Dixon every July.” Matth- ias goes on the say that he has also participated in some triathlons, and half Iron Man’s. This year, in April, he will participate in his first 50 Mile run in Pekin, Il- linois, called the Potawatomi Run. “I have a goal of doing this in 10 hours but a hard goal is anything under 12 hours. Participating in roughly 8 events per year, Matthias trains for the events by running the trails at Lowell Park and The Meadows, in Dixon, Illinois. Matthias also trains by riding his bicycle and swimming. “I will train by running anywhere from 5 miles to 20 miles in a single run and usually average 30 to 40 miles a week. It all depends on the weather and how I feel on how far I run. “My best advice, just get off the couch and get outside. Join with some friends or run with a group. That is one of the reasons I keep doing this, because there is a great group of people who run. You don’t have to be fast and don’t have to put in a lot of miles. Having an event in mind is something that will be out there to keep you motivated. The end goal is to just get out there and do it.”

Matthias Kemmeren & Jared Stumpenhorst

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