Yankee Home Improvement - January 2018

JAN 2018


KICKING OFF 2018 With the Best Team in the World

As we kick off the new year, I couldn’t be happier with how 2017 has gone at Yankee Home Improvement. But, of course, it wasn’t the numbers or the reviews that made it such an outstanding year

commute to the office, you’ll never hear him complain. Instead, he’s one of the most down-to-earth, hardworking people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

— it was the people. Whenever I look around at our incredible team, I wonder how I’ve managed to bring together so many of the best people in the world under one roof. However it happened, the result is the same: I’m grateful each and every day to work in an atmosphere where so many wonderful individuals work together toward a common goal. Everyone goes above and beyond to build something great together. Any chance I get, I brag about my awesome employees. Just ask Tyler Carpenter, one of our young guys who’s a constant inspiration and star worker for

Last November, my wife and I took Herb and his wife out to dinner, and I had one of best times I’ve had in a while. Rarely do I laugh and enjoy myself as much as I did with Herb and his wife. He’s a consistently refreshing presence, eager to make everyone crack up while maintaining a persistent effort to improve everything for everyone, both inside and outside the business. At the holiday party last month, I made sure to highlight my immense gratitude to everyone in the Yankee Home corner. Every member of the staff plays a key role in the

the company. About a month ago, as I was walking out of the office, I saw him getting dropped off to start work. Figuring the driver was his father, I ran over to speak with him. After he rolled down the window, I extolled the virtues of one of my favorite employees. “I have to tell you, I wish I had 10 of your son working for me here,” I said. “He’s just the greatest, always coming in with an upbeat, positive attitude. Really, an inspiration to everyone in the company.” A long silence ensued. The driver looked at me like I had two heads. Turns out, it wasn’t Tyler’s dad — it was his Uber driver! But hey, I stand by my statement. I could go on about the accomplishments of any member of my team, but of course I couldn’t leave out our 2017 Employee of the Year, Herb Kirschner! Herb’s an older gentleman who’s been one of my star representatives for over four years. Though he makes a 11/2-hour

client experience, from the bottom to the top, and it’s deeply gratifying to know I can trust each and every person in the organization to do their best for the people we serve. So, as we leap into 2018, let me offer a sincere thank you — not only to my wonderful staff, but to you , our network of fantastic customers. Without the efforts of my team and the trust of our community, this simply wouldn’t be possible. Happy New Year! –Ger Ronan

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