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March 2019

Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, and Workers’ Compensation

What Makes Our Firm Unique We Listen Because We Genuinely Care

H ow many times have you been driving down a city highway and noticed a billboard advertisement for a local legal firm with phrases like “We’ll fight for you!” or “You hurt? We fight!”While this aggressive and combative approach is common in the personal-injury legal arena, Josh and I have found this kind of “law tiger” stratagem rarely serves the best interests of the client. Over the past month, we’ve spent a lot of time identifying the unique characteristics of our firm and what makes us different from the wide range of other personal injury lawyers in the country. We’ve worked to break down every aspect of personality, service, and team, and we’ve captured what we believe is our unique value proposition in this statement: “We are trustworthy guides providing peace of mind to the injured and disabled.”This is more than a motto — this is the lifeblood of our identity and core mission in an industry not known for honesty, trustworthiness, or dependability. According to a Princeton University study, although lawyers are viewed by the public as part of an envied profession, very few claim to trust them. Of the people polled in the study, the vast majority ranked lawyers as some of the most capable and competent professionals — behind only doctors, scientists, and engineers. But when it came to ranking lawyers’ trustworthiness and warmth, the report indicated that they were on par with prostitutes. Ouch! As attorneys, we take pride in upholding the law. But this Princeton study exposes a toxic disconnect attorneys experience, not only with

able to work, or that they aren’t even able to pick up their kids.

clients, but with the general public. At our firm, we are committed to a different approach — a client-centered approach. Our overarching goal is simple: We want to listen and help. Clients come to us after a horrible event has occurred, so our first course of action is to sit down with them and listen to their story. Injuries have a kind of ripple effect and can ultimately permeate every facet of a person’s life. Some clients tell us how they can’t get medical help because they don’t have insurance, that they can’t pay their rent because their injury prevents them from being

To give each client the attention and guidance they need, we’ve found listening allows us to better help them relieve their pain points and find peace of mind. In short, we want to remove the focus from us as their attorneys and put the spotlight back on the clients. We serve as trustworthy guides on our clients’ journeys toward getting their lives back. That is what makes us unique; we listen because we genuinely care.

“We are trustworthy guides providing peace of mind to the injured and disabled.”

-Jeremy Worley | 1

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