“Every roo m in the house has its own lighting require m ents. However, there a few general rules about ho m e lighting that can help you guarantee a war m and welco m ing living space. The experts recommend two types of lighting in a room. First, there is general lighting, which comes from a ceiling light or a halogen lamp. This kind of source sends a rather !at and bright light into the entire room. Second, there is supplementary lighting. This kind of lighting provides a more inti- mate and cozy atmosphere or highlights speci#c features in the room. Examples would be a table lamp in the hall or a pe- destal lamp at the end of a sofa. This type of lighting is also used for kitchen counter- tops, workstations, or as a spotlight on a painting. For the latter purpose, table lamps and wall sconces can help you achieve the desired result. MAKE AN ENLIGHTENED DECISION In the kitchen, it is essential to have plenty of light in the sink and cooking areas. Here, recessed halogen lights with wide coverage are entirely appropriate. A pen- dant light #tting equipped with a dimmer for over the dining room table is perfect for either a family meal or a romantic supper for two. Be sure to install it at the correct height so that no one is dazzled when they look up. To encourage conversation in the living room, the focus should be on creating a quiet, cozy atmosphere by using several types of lights. Place recessed lights, tor- chiere !oor lamps with di$erent light inten- sities, and table lamps in strategic locations. You love to read in bed? Make sure the lamp on the bedside table is high enough to shed light on your favourite book wit- hout disturbing your loved one’s precious sleep.

The right kind of light in the right place can make all the difference in a room.




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