Support local businesses that sell locally produced food


These local Farmers are verified as committed to supplying locally produced food to their customers.

Guy & Diane Drouin Garden

Guy & Diane Drouin Garden 183 St-Guillaume, Vars, ON 613-443-3973

Buzzz Honey 1941 County Road 2, Curran, ON

Ferme Excalibur Farm Ferme du Covenant Farm 1277 Pilon Rd., Clarence Creek, ON Ferme Excalibur Farm 1560 Notre Dame St., Embrun, ON 613-443-2235

H&H Lacroix

Hector Dignard & Fils Blueberry & Raspberry Farm 1436 Ste. Marie, Embrun, ON

Jardins FC Drouin Gardens H&H Lacroix 5138 Frank Kenny Rd., Vars, ON 613-835-3545

Jardins FC Drouin Gardens 1226 Concession 10, Curran, ON 613-443-3973

Bearbrook Game Meats 5396 Dunning Rd., Navan, ON

la bergerie des stables 1550 chemin du comte 2, Curran, ON

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Mariposa Farm 6468 County Rd. 17, Plantagenet, ON

Ferme R&M Lemieux Farms 1941 County Road 2, Curran, ON

Kiefro Farm 2079 Nolan, Rockland, ON

Desjardins Farm 1594 Chemin du Lac, St. Pascal, ON 613-488-2069 Desjardins Farm

Trillium Meadows 1814 Beauchesne Rd., Vankleek Hill, ON

Pickle Patch 22190 Breadalbane Rd., RR2, Dalkeith, ON

Seek out the Savour Ottawa logo to verify your food is local

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